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Belt and Radiator Hose Services

Our professional Pep Boys technicians are certified to diagnose and repair the issues you may have with your belts or hoses. Trust Pep Boys to get you there.

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Think of the belts under your hood like the chain on a bicycle transferring energy to where it’s needed. Your vehicle’s hoses are like arteries, responsible for carrying life-sustaining coolant to the places that need it. Without proper maintenance, your engine could overheat and the risk of a breakdown becomes very real. Belts and hoses degrade over time and can crack, split, swell or burst. It is important to check them at the regular intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer to avoid a breakdown from a broken belt or hose failure. Pep Boys professional technicians are trained to inspect your belts and hoses to identify any warning signs or concerns. We offer radiator hoses and belt replacement service packages, priced competitively, so you can keep rolling with confidence.

Hose Service Packages

Radiator Hose Replacement Service Package

Your vehicle’s radiator hoses are responsible for transferring hot coolant from the engine to the radiator for cooling and then back to the engine again after the coolant temperature has been lowered. The hoses, together with the radiator, cooling fan(s), thermostat and related components allow the coolant to effectively move through the cooling system, regulating and displacing heat from your engine.

A system is only as good as its weakest link and hoses are a vital cooling system component requiring regular service. Replacing the radiator hoses before they begin to leak can prevent an inconvenient breakdown and the potential for expensive related repairs. When cracks are visible or the hose swells or feels soft, it is a sure sign that the hoses are at the end of their life span. Often, the upper hose will deteriorate sooner than the lower hose because it is subject to greater extremes in temperature than the lower hose, but it’s a wise preventative measure to replace them both at the same time.

Our Complete Radiator Hose Service includes:

  • Quality service performed by a professional Pep Boys technician
  • Your choice of a coolant drain or fill or a complete coolant exchange
  • Installation of new upper and lower radiator hoses
  • Installation of all new radiator hose clamps

Belt Replacement Service Packages

Timing Belt Replacement Service Package

Most vehicles using an overhead cam design utilize a timing belt to drive and precisely synchronize camshaft movement, hence the name ‘timing belt’. Similar to a serpentine or v-belt, your timing belt will degrade over time and with usage. Unlike standard drive belts, wear on your timing belt is not visible because it is housed inside the engine, behind the timing cover. Time, temperature and stress cause the belt to degrade and if not replaced at the manufacturer specified interval, this component could fail without warning. When a timing belt fails, it will either ‘jump’ a tooth or two or break completely and the moving parts inside your engine no longer move in sync with one another. It doesn’t just mean an inconvenient breakdown, it could mean serious and costly engine damage.

All original equipment vehicle manufacturers (OEM) provide a timing belt replacement interval. It is critical that the timing belt be replaced on or before that mileage interval. The timing belt often drives the water pump as well and in these cases, it is highly recommended that the water pump be replaced at the same time that the timing belt is serviced.

Although the timing belt can be costly to replace, it is a wise investment. Being proactive and replacing this belt at the intervals recommended by your OEM will help protect your wallet from costly engine damage. Our Pep Boys professional technicians will work with you to help you understand when it is time for a replacement.

Our Timing Belt Replacement Service Includes:

  • Quality service performed by a Pep Boys professional technician
  • Access and removal of the timing cover and replace the belt
  • Set the engine timing
  • Reassemble the engine

* Water pump, timing belt tensioner and coolant replacement are frequently required to be done at the same time as a preventative measure.

Serpentine or V- Belt Replacement Service Package

Belts enable your vehicle rotating components, such as the alternator, water pump, and AC compressor to keep turning. Some vehicles are equipped with V-belts, an individual belt for each component and others are equipped with a serpentine belt, one large, multi-groove belt that is routed around all of your vehicle’s rotating components.

Normal wear and exposure to extreme temperatures will degrade both V-Belts and serpentine belts over time. In this situation, a broken belt means a break down, so belts should be replaced before they snap. If you observe any cracks, fraying, or splitting it is time for a replacement. Our Pep Boys professional technicians can inspect your belts and determine if it’s time for a replacement.

Our Serpentine or V-Belt Replacement Service Includes:

  • Quality service performed by a Pep Boys professional technician
  • Visual examination to evaluate the condition of your belt(s)
  • Removal of old belt(s)
  • Installation of new belt(s)
  • Inspection of all pulleys and belt tensioners to determine if belt degradation was caused by a faulty component

Belt Tensioners Replacement Service Package

The belt tensioner is a pulley that keeps the serpentine belt wrapped tightly around the engine's accessory components, such as the air conditioning compressor or water pump. If the belt is not kept tight, it will not create enough resistance to turn your engine components, which could lead to an unnecessary break down.

Anytime a new serpentine belt is needed, or if your belts are squealing, the tensioner and all of the pulleys should be inspected. If the tensioner is worn or damaged, it will require replacement so that the serpentine belt has proper tension to keep those important components turning. Our Pep Boys professional technicians will inspect your belt tensioner and determine if it’s time for a replacement.

Our Belt Tensioners Replacement Service Includes:

  • Quality service performed by a Pep Boys professional technician
  • Inspection of belt tensioner to see if replacement is necessary
  • Removal of serpentine belt
  • Removal of old belt tensioner
  • Installation of new tensioner
  • Rerouting of serpentine belt

*** Servicing a hybrid vehicle usually requires removal of trunk access panel for power supply access, shut off and reconnection

*** Hybrid vehicle service will result in an additional $15.00 fee

A shop supply fee will be an additional charge (except in NY and CA) of 9.99% up to $35.00. Each individual work order will identify and apply any applicable shop supply charge.

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