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Receive a discount equal to the price of a single tire when four tires are added to the cart. Valid on select in stock tires only. Those tires for which discount is available will be identified in search results & product detail pages. All other tires and special order tires are excluded from this offer. Valid when scheduled for installation on PepBoys.com and installation is completed between 10/28/19-1/31/20.

Performance Engine Tuning

Sometimes you want more out of your car than the factory standard. Pep Boys is here to give your vehicle that something extra with our multiple performance tuning options. Using superior resources and experience, our certified technicians can help fill your need for speed.
  • Certified technicians working
    on your car
  • White Glove Treatment
  • Superior Resources & Experience
  • A new product demonstration
Air Intake SystemCarburatorsManifoldsHeadsIgnitionDistributors
HeadsOffer improved performance throughout the entire RPM range, great throttle response and top-end horsepower.
Performance ignition wires are the best of both worlds: low ohms rating to deliver the high voltage produced by the ignition coil to the spark plugs along with great suppression properties to minimize RFI.
Ignition coils transform battery voltage into short burst of high energy by sending voltage thru a series of windings wrapped around an iron core which step up the voltage with each of the 100 to 150 turns of 20-gauge wire. Aftermarket coils often have better properties in them to produce much higher voltages over the OE.
Ignition boxes with multi-strike capabilities allow your engine to run better by providing better throttle response, smoother idle, and improving overall performance. Some new ignition boxes utilize digital micro-processors which are more accurate, faster and not effected by heat. A rev limiter is also adjustable by a dial switch and the use of dip switches.
DistributorsDistributors are typically driven off of the engines camshaft by a gear on the bottom connected to a shaft and rotor. When the cam turns it drives the distributor gear, which will rotate the rotor inside the distributors cap.

Simultaneously, the coil wire is transferring energy into the center terminal in the cap into the rotor causing a spark that fires the cylinders.

The spark must be timed precisely. If the spark is too early it can cause pre-ignition or a 'knock', and if too late the engine will develop a ping. The timing can be adjusted by simply rotating the distributor housing while shooting a timing light at the harmonic balancer. Make sure you are within the manufacturers specifications when setting your timing. Like all other components in the ignition system there are many different choices and configurations of distributors available.
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