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Find the Best Car Battery for You and Your Car at Pep Boys

One of the first things we learn in life is that everyone is different. It's a pretty broad statement, but when it comes to you and your car, there's quite the spectrum of variety. Every car and its driver requires a certain amount of power and longevity from its battery.

Throughout the life of your vehicle, you will most likely have to replace your car's battery a number of times. This can happen due to old age or if it's drained unintentionally by leaving the lights on. If you need a new car battery, check our list below to find the best option for you.

Check your Manual
Before you start shopping for a battery, check your owner's manual or stop by your local Pep Boys store to see a battery fitting guide. Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, so it's best to make sure you're looking for the right battery. The wrong size will not fit securely and may not provide
sufficient power.
Consider Climate
Consider your area's typical climate and the type of driving conditions you experience on an everyday basis. If you're in a hot climate, it is in your best interest to purchase a longer-lasting battery as high temperatures take a huge toll on car batteries, causing them to die out faster than colder climate conditions. Long-life batteries are also important for drivers who make many short trips (about 10 minutes or less), since these shorter trips do not allow much time for recharging.
Test Properly
Choose a battery that scores well in cold cranking amps and reserve capacity testing. All batteries measure at least adequate, but there is certainly a performance variation among all of the battery options.

As we mentioned before, there are a lot of batteries for a variety of cars and their drivers' needs. So, how do you choose the right battery for you? Below are the four types of batteries that we sell. To learn more about each one, visit our battery guide break-down page.

Since a battery's toxic lead and acid cannot go into the regular trash bin, most retailers will dispose of your car's old battery for you. Upon purchasing a new battery, many auto body shops, like Pep Boys, will accept your old battery for recycling and waive the core charge associated with properly disposing the product.

Always check the replacement warranty for the battery you are considering purchasing and always keep the receipt. Most batteries will offer a free replacement guarantee if the battery gives out before the warranty date.

Start shopping for your battery today. If you're still on the hunt for more information, read our How to Buy a Car Battery guide. If you need your battery replaced for you, schedule an appointment with your local Pep Boys.