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CCPA Web Form Request

First Name:

Last Name:







Pep Boys Online ID (If Applicable):

Rewards Number (if applicable):

Pep Boys location used:

Chose one or more of the following options

Provide a description of the types of information that Pep Boys has gather about me, how the information was gathered, types of third parties with which my information is shared, and how my information is used.

Provide me a copy of the information that Pep Boys has gathered about me.

Delete my personal information, to the extent allowed by applicable laws and regulations.

Once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm your identity and your California residency. If we are able to confirm these matters, we will then evaluate your request and provide a response within forty-five days after we receive your completed form. If we are unable to fully respond to your request within that time, we will contact you and let you know when and how we will be able to fully respond.

***By clicking send your email client will be opened and a form will be autopopulated with your responses above, please send the email to contactus@pepboys.com