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SUV's and performance trucks are designed to work in off-road conditions, and as a result, have an elevated amount of ground clearance beneath. The additional clearance means that they sit a long way above the road surface and can provide difficulties for passengers. Running boards can help.



What Is a Running Board?

  • A running board is a rectangular-shaped flat board mounted close to the rocker panels on the side of an SUV or a truck. They’re intended to give passengers assistance as they enter or exit the vehicle and are equipped to provide an element of grip in slippery conditions. Available in a variety of different materials, some are retractable or contain LED lights for additional visibility.

How Does a Running Board Work?

  • The running board is attached to the frame of the vehicle with brackets-sometimes custom designed for the make and model. Auto manufacturers often leave mounting holes at the bottom of the frame for aftermarket installation. Each board will have a rubberized portion on the top edge that provides additional traction in slippery conditions.

How Is a Running Board Made?

  • Running boards come in all shapes and sizes and are manufactured from a variety of materials. The best running boards are made from tempered steel. If a retractable board is chosen, this is much more complex and is attached to a motor activated by the ignition switch. This motor may be fitted at the rear of the engine bay or the front of the passenger compartment.

Why Do Running Boards Fail?

  • As they protrude from the side of the vehicle, they may be damaged by road debris or other vehicles.
  • The retractable motor can fail.
  • The rubber step can deteriorate with extended use.

What Are the Signs of Failure?

  • Damage may make the board unusable.
  • Signs of excessive wear may be evident.
  • The board can fail to retract or extend.

What are the Consequences of Failure?

  • Difficult to enter or exit the vehicle.
  • Slip and fall risk in inclement conditions.

If you have questions or concerns about running boards or any of your vehicle’s components, come into your local Pep Boys where we can answer any question,help you find any part,or perform any vehicle service you might need.