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Mufflers are commonly known as the silencer. They play a major role in your exhaust system by reducing the amount of noise emitted by your internal combustion engine. Your muffler also helps prevent fumes from getting inside your vehicle, and they improve your engine and fuel efficiency.



How Does it Work?

  • Exhaust baffles in your muffler help cancel sound waves.
  • Internal tubes are joined to the free-floating partition to allow expansion and contraction during temperature changes. This helps eliminate the breaking of spot welds, part distortion and loose part noise problems.

How Is It Made?

  • Made of stainless steel or aluminum
  • Set of perforated tubes inside of muffler
  • Absorbing material is made of fiberglass or steel wool

Why Does It Fail?

  • Exposure to weather elements – such as rust, salt and oxidation
  • Internal combustion
  • Rusting
  • Under car contact (speedbump damage, parking block etc.)

What are Symptoms of Failure?

  • Loud sounds
  • Smoke
  • Exhaust buildup
  • Smoky odor

What Are the Consequences of Failure?

  • A hole in your muffler can cause dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, to leak into the cabin of your vehicle.
  • If you have a broken muffler, you may face fines or refusal of service until you get it fixed.
  • A damaged muffler can cause a car trip to be noisy and uncomfortable.
  • In worst cases, you car can catch fi re if the gas leaks near the fuel.

If you have questions or concerns about mufflers or any of your vehicle’s components, come into your local Pep Boys where we can answer any question, help you find any part, or perform any vehicle service you might need.