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There are a variety of ways to finish your custom exhaust build or installation, including polished exhaust tips and exhaust turndown pipes.



What is a Exhaust Turndown Pipe?

The Exhaust Turndown Pipe is a vital part of your vehicle emissions control system. Its job is to reduce toxic air by converting harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions, such as water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

How do Turndown Pipes Work?

Instead of blasting exhaust gases and noise straight into the air from the rear of your vehicle, a turndown pipe diverts the exhaust and noise towards the ground. This allows car and truck enthusiasts to run a less restrictive custom exhaust while noticeably reducing exhaust noise.

Turndown pipes are designed to fit over your factory exhaust, which means the inner diameter of the pipe must match the outer diameter of your exhaust tubing. They are welded, bolted, or clamped to the end of the exhaust to complete the installation. Some enthusiasts choose to use clamps until they are able to have the install finished by a competent welder. Enthusiasts often purchase and install turndown pipes to give their exhausts a finished appearance.

How are Exhaust Turndown Pipes Made?

Exhaust turndown pipes are made out of mild or stainless steel tubing, using conventional or mandrel tubing benders. Some exhaust specialty shops have equipment for making custom turndown pipes, but it’s not uncommon for enthusiasts to source used exhaust turndown pipes from salvage yards.

Why do Turndown Pipes Fail?

  • Turndown pipes often become damaged during rear-end collisions.
  • With time, oxidation creates rust on turndown pipes, which may cause them to fail and fall off.

What are the Symptoms of a Failing Exhaust Turndown Pipe?

  • Rattling noises that come from the rear of the vehicle during acceleration.
  • An unattractive, rusted appearance when visually inspected.

What are the Implications of a Failing Turndown Pipe?

  • You may not win your next car show due to an ugly, unattractive, unfinished or rusted exhaust system.
  • As they age, turndown pipes often become torn, which produces sharp steel edges that could cause injury.

Custom and aftermarket exhaust systems need to be finished with attractive components to look complete. Pep Boys stocks a variety of exhaust turndown pipes both in store and online.

If you have questions or concerns about turndown pipes or any of your vehicle’s components or accessories, come into your local Pep Boys where we can answer any question, help you find any part, or perform any vehicle service you might need.