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Coil Springs absorb road impact and help maintain the vehicles proper ride height. They can be located between or above control arms. The coil springs are either constant rate or variable rate.



How do Coil Springs Work?

The springs are used to absorb road impact and maintain vehicle ride height.

How are Coil Springs Made?

  • Precise engineering and close manufacturing tolerances
  • Forged heat treatment – case hardening and induction hardening
  • Machining – shaping, drilling, milling and reaming
  • Assembly

Why do Coil Springs Fail?

  • Due to overall wear caused by road conditions and additional weight.

What are Symptoms of Coil Springs Failure?

  • Under car noise (squeaking or rattling).
  • Erratic steering.
  • Car swaying.
  • Ride height either too high or too low.

What are Implications of Car Light Failure?

  • Spring is cracked or broken.
  • Handling and stability issues.

If you have questions or concerns about Coil Springs, your vehicle’s interior or exterior lighting systems, or any of your vehicle’s systems or system components, come into your local Pep Boys where we can answer any question, help you find any car part or perform any vehicle service you might need. From information to installation, our ASE certified technicians are here to help you… and your vehicle!