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For an internal combustion engine to work it needs to receive a perfect mixture of fuel and air, which when ignited will cause the force to initiate motion. To ensure that this mixture is correct, the carlights helps to perfect the blend.



What are Car Lights?

Car lights help you see and be safe on the road. There are different types of car lights including headlights, taillights, fog lights, dashboard lights, dome lights, brake lights, and high beams. There are different types of bulbs including halogen, neon and LED.

How do Car Lights Work?

Electricity passes through the bulb and the electrons vibrate through the filament, creating very high temperatures. Automotive lightbulbs are available for headlights, LED interior and exterior lights, conventional signaling and interior lighting and accessories.

How are Car Lights Made?

A polycarbonate plastic headlight lens covers the bulb. Different varieties of bulbs include tungsten, tungsten halogen, halogen-infrared reflection (HIR), and high intensity discharge (HID).

Why do Car Lights Fail?

  • Glass breakage.
  • Filament is so fatigued that its electrical resistance increases to the point current won’t flow.
  • Sealing failure occurs when oxygen enters the bulb.
  • Thermal shock, which is when the bulb flashes brightly and dies.

What are Symptoms of Car Light Failure?

  • Flickering bulbs.
  • Burned out bulbs.

What are Implications of Car Light Failure?

  • Lessened ability to see at night.
  • Making unsafe turns due to signal light being out.

If you have questions or concerns about car lights, your vehicle’s interior or exterior lighting systems, or any of your vehicle’s systems or system components, come into your local Pep Boyswhere we can answer any question, help you find any car part or perform any vehicle service you might need. From information to installation, our ASE certified technicians are here to help you… and your vehicle!

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