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Each component in an engine is of equal importance for achieving proper performance. Even the simplest fastenings must be carefully chosen and fitted to avoid failure.



What Are Cam Bolt?

In a standard engine, bearings and fittings have been over-engineered by the factory to cope with the expected levels of performance. This includes the camshaft, which is responsible for opening and closing valves and allowing the right mixture for the explosive compression process. The cam bolts are made with high precision to keep everything in place when the engine is operating at high speed.

How Does a Cam Bolt Work?

Strategically placed cam bolts will enable the camshaft to be attached to a vehicle’s timing set and to ensure that the shaft is able to operate within close tolerances. Only the right specification of a bolt must be used and it must be fitted correctly with the right amount of torque application, so that the amount of end play, or forward and backward movement, is kept within specific tolerances.

One of the primary jobs of the cam bolt is to help ensure that the cam does not move excessively when mounted within the block, which could cause unwanted contact between crucial moving parts.

If an owner decides to upgrade the performance of an engine to increase the amount of power generated, this may require specially upgraded cam bolts, that can cope with additional torque pressure.

How Is a Cam Bolt Made?

Typically, cam bolts are made of a high-grade material such as carbon alloy steel, due to the type of high stress and tensile load expected during operation.

How Does a Cam Bolt Fail?

  • Not torqued down to the correct specification
  • Incorrect material or grade selected

What Are the Symptoms of Failure?

  • Camshaft could be allowed to move around, affecting very close tolerances and causing degradation of performance

What Are the Consequences of Failure?

  • Camshaft could fail, causing internal engine damage.

During renovation, cam bolt kits should be used to replace all the cam bolts as a set and care should be taken that the correct specification is chosen, especially if the engine has been subject to performance upgrades.

If you have questions or concerns about Cam Bolts or any of your vehicle’s components, come into your local Pep Boyswhere we can answer any question, help you find any part, or perform any vehicle service you might need.