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Brake Fluid Reservoir

The brake fluid reservoir stores your vehicle's brake fluid and protects it so that your hydraulic braking system can work properly.

How Does it Work?

  • When you apply force to your brake pedal, the brake fluid translates that force into pressure and runs through your braking system
  • A fluid level sensor alerts you when levels get low
  • The reservoir lid protects the brake fluid from the elements

How is it Made?

  • Most molded from polymer

Why Does it Fail?

  • Crack or damage
  • Fluid level sensor failure
  • Worn bladder inside the cap

What are the Symptoms of Failure?

  • Dashboard brake light comes on
  • Leaks around the base (grommets)
  • Cracks in the casing
  • Moisture getting into fluid

What are the Implications of Failure?

  • Brake fluid can leak and if fluid gets too low, your brakes may stop working altogether
  • Your brake system can fail if the reservoir isn't replaced or repaired

How Difficult is the Install?

Difficulty Rating:

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