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Your vehicle's intake has a number of rubber lines and hoses attached to it that are open to the atmosphere. Air breather filters for cars and trucks prevent contaminants from making their way into your engine’s intake and crankcase.

How Difficult is Installation of Air Breathers


What are Air Breathers?

You'll find air breathers attached to rubber hoses on your vehicle's intake system. Air breathers are nothing more than tiny air filters designed to filter out contaminants before they reach your engine. Air breathers are often included in aftermarket air intake kits. Ordering replacements is often difficult after the factory components are no longer present on the vehicle.

How do Air Breathers Work?

Air breathers work the same way as your intake's primary air filter. Air breathers filter contaminants out of the atmosphere before they have a chance to get into your engine. If you've removed your vehicle’s factory airbox, you may need a breather filter (or two) before your vehicle will run correctly after installing an aftermarket intake kit.

How are Air Breathers Made?

Air breathers are made from paper or foam, metal mesh, and a rubber or plastic housing designed to fit over an air intake inlet or outlet.

Why do Air Breathers Fail?

  • Breathers fail when their paper or foam filter elements become contaminated with particulate matter and other foreign debris.
  • Often, the absence of a necessary air breather can be chalked up to the installation of aftermarket components. Be sure to check and double check the instructions whenever you add new parts to your vehicle.

What are the Symptoms of Air Breather Failure?

  • Your vehicle may throw a check engine light that indicates the engine is running too lean.
  • Vacuum leaks may result from improper air breather installation.

What are the Consequences of Air Breather Failure?

  • Combustion temperatures increase on engines that are running too lean.
  • Increased combustion temperatures may cause premature wear and damage to the engine’s internal parts.

To the untrained eye, a missing air breather is easily overlooked. If your vehicle throws a check engine light, faulty or missing air breathers could be the culprits. If you're not sure what you’re looking at under the hood of your vehicle, call your local Pep Boys and schedule an appointment before the problem gets worse.

If you have questions or concerns about air breathers or any of your vehicle's components, come into your local Pep Boys where we can answer any question, help you find any part, or perform any vehicle service you might need.