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How to Know if You Need a Wheel Alignment

How to Know if You Need a Wheel Alignment


How to Know if You Need a
Wheel Alignment

Why is My Vehicle Out-of-Alignment?

When your vehicle is out-of-alignment, its suspension and steering systems no longer function at their intended angles resulting in rapid, uneven treadwear – the primary reason for requiring tire replacement. Alignment issues typically occur as a result of wheel impact on damaged roads or curbs and/or wear and tear of parts due to a vehicle’s high mileage.

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How do You Know you Need an Alignment

Misaligned tires can cause uneven tire wear, poor fuel economy and an uncomfortable ride for you and your passengers. We have identified five common ways to determine whether your vehicle requires a wheel alignment.

Five Indications Your Vehicle Requires an Alignment

1. Uneven tire wear

Having misaligned wheels means your wheels are physically positioned at different angles. The difference may be slight but it will be enough to cause your tires to wear unevenly. You can avoid this by checking your tires for even wear – if the front tires and rear tires look pretty much the same, you are probably okay. However, if one is significantly more worn than the other, it is probably time to consider an alignment.

2. Vehicle pulls hard to the left or right

Pulling hard to the left or right is a telltale sign that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. If you feel as though you have to struggle with your steering wheel in order to keep your vehicle straight, we recommend getting a wheel alignment done as soon as possible.

3. Slight pulling

A good way to check your car’s alignment is to let go of the wheel for a couple seconds when driving in a straight line at low speed with no surrounding traffic or obstructions. If your vehicle is out of alignment, it will drift slightly to the right or left. We recommend performing this test in an empty parking lot that is not occupied by pedestrians, obstructions, or other vehicles.

4. Steering Wheel Vibration

When your vehicle’s wheels are misaligned, they will pull against each other, causing your steering wheel to vibrate. The steering wheel vibration can be weak or strong, depending on the severity of your vehicle’s misalignment. Whether your vehicle is experiencing an intense shake or a weak one, when you feel that telltale steering wheel vibration, it is probably time to consider an alignment.

5. Crooked Steering Wheel

If you’re driving down a straight stretch of road and you notice that your steering wheel is crooked, you might need a wheel alignment. You might notice this after you run over a curb, a pothole, or another type of obstacle in the road.

The Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

There are many benefits to having a wheel alignment performed on your vehicle. The economic benefits of an alignment include increased fuel efficiency and the maximization of your tire life. Wheel alignments improve driver safety and comfort… and you get the added satisfaction of not having to fight with your steering wheel.

Pep Boys offers a comprehensive Alignment Service Packages designed to help you protect your investment with two warranties. Don’t let that next pothole ruin your wheel alignment. Make your appointment online or contact your local store today!

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, Pep Boys carries a wide range of quality alignment tools and other steering and suspension parts and accessories. If you have questions regarding your service or your alignment project, we are always here to help.