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Built specifically for off-road driving and uneven land, the heavy tread blocks of mud-terrain tires grip rocky terrain in a way that other tires cannot. For off-road driving, this improves safety and makes the ride smooth as possible. TIRES BY SIZETIRES BY VEHICLE

What are mud-terrain tires?

Mud-terrain tires, as the name suggests, are tires designed to perform well in the mud. They are also a good option for rocky terrain and work well in deep, unpacked snow.

Where would you use mud tires?

Mud tires are a good option for off-road enthusiasts. Trails where the terrain tends to change frequently and includes rocky areas are handled best by mud tires. You can use them on sand dunes and other areas where the ground is soft as well.

How well do mud tires perform on paved the road?

Not very well compared to all-terrain and street tires. Designed with wider voids and heavy blocked tread, mud tires don’t grip the road as well as their counterparts - particularly in inclement weather. In icy conditions, they can even be dangerous. Mud tires can also create a lot of road noise on paved surfaces. If you intend to use your vehicle daily and on mostly paved roads, all-terrain tires are likely better investments.

What’s the tread life for mud-tires?

Because they are made with wider voids, which means less rubber contacts the ground, mud tires tend to wear out faster than all-terrain and street tires.

How do you know mud-terrain tires are best for your needs?

Start by learning more about tires. Also, speak with your local Pep Boys tire expert to see if mud tires are right for you.

Pep Boys Recommended Tire

Maxxis Bighorn

Mud terrain light truck tire suitable for driving in the desert, dirt, rocks, snow and mud.
  • Staggered shoulder lugs for added traction in uneven terrain
  • Pinned for studs
  • Excellent traction in mud and rocky terrain
  • Enhanced puncture resistance