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30% Off 4 Installed Tires

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30% Off 4 Installed Tires
Save 30% on 4 installed tires. Use promotional code PEP30TIRES at checkout to receive discount. Discount valid only on select in stock tires. Tires for which this offer is available will be identified in search results and tire detail pages. All other tires and special order tires are excluded from this offer. Requires the purchase of Road Hazard Warranty and Tire Installation Package, which includes valve stems or TPMS reseal kit, & balancing. State or local taxes and/or surcharges for environmental protections will be an additional charge. Valid when scheduled for installation and/or purchased on on 11/30/15.

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  • Size: 285/75R16
  • Part #: 32537|
  • SKU: 10003707|
  • (LT) Light Truck



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Rebate Tips
1. Read your Pep Boys rebate form thoroughly. Each Pep Boys rebate offer is unique, with different date ranges and postmark date requirements. Many rebates require the purchase of multiple products. You must submit all qualifying products listed for a given rebate to be eligible. The best way to make sure you get your rebate is to follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, call us at the toll-free number listed on the rebate form or call your local Pep Boys store.

2. Make copies of all of your paperwork. This includes your receipt, rebate form, mailing envelope, and any other items that are needed for validation of your rebate. If for some reason your submission gets lost in the mail, you will need this information to have your rebate reprocessed. It is also a good idea to have this information in front of you if you need to call the customer service phone number listed on your rebate form.

3. Don't wait. Many Pep Boys rebates require your rebate submission to be postmarked within a set number of days from your date of purchase. If you miss this deadline, you will not be able to receive your rebate.

4. Clearly write your name and address on the rebate form. If your handwriting is difficult to read, it will be difficult to enter your information correctly. To ensure fast, accurate processing of your rebate, be sure to print clearly. Remember also that PO boxes are not acceptable addresses for Pep Boys rebates, so be sure to include your street address when you complete your offer form.

5. Watch for your rebate check in the mail.
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Road Hazard Warranty

Protect Your Investment
What will our Road Hazard Warranty do for you?

Pep Boys will follow its Puncture Repair Procedures to determine if your tire should be repaired, at no expense, or replaced under this coverage. While the repair cost is free, there will be a charge for re-balancing a repaired tire.

Road Hazard Warranty can save you the expense of tire replacement. If your Pep Boys tire becomes unusable due to a road hazard related mishap and cannot be repaired, we will, subject to pro-rated adjustment based upon the remaining usable tread on the tire, replace the unusable tire or give you a refund. While Pep Boys will remount the tire for free, there will be a cost for re-balancing the replacement tire.

Coverage extends to such damage as unrepairable tread punctures damage from potholes, nails, glass and jagged metal which cause cuts, snags, punctures, impact breaks, bruises and rim cuts.

Length Of Coverage
Coverage with Road Hazard Warranty extends for the full period of the mileage of the tire. This coverage is not transferable to a new owner, or if the owner mounts the tires on another vehicle.Close [x]

Core Charge

A "Core Charge" is similar to the deposit you might pay for a can or bottle of soda. In many states, to promote recycling, you are charged a deposit when you purchase a can of soda and you receive your deposit back when you return the empty can. Many automotive parts have a Core Charge, or Core Price, that works the same way as a soda can deposit.

Here's how the Core Charge works:
  • The part you are purchasing contains a component that is recyclable
  • The Core Charge deposit is charged at the time of purchase
  • When the recyclable component from your old part is returned to us, the charge is refunded to you
  • To receive your Core Charge refund, you can do either of the following:
  • Bring the part to any Pep Boys store along with your receipt or invoice (recommended)
  • Mail the part back to Pep Boys through the online return process
  • Please see our Returns Policy for more information on returning a core item.
Core Charges are often mandated by state legislature, and, as such, the actual core charge and taxes on the charge may vary depending on the state in which you buy your part. The Pep Boys core charge presented to you online today with your item is representative of the most common core charge. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-PEP-BOYS (737-2697) or visit any Pep Boys store. Close [x]

Battery Protection Service includes:

  • Chemical Cleaning of Battery Cable Connectors
  • Installation of Acid-Neutralizing Felt Terminal Post Washers
  • Application of Anti-Corrosion Sealant to Terminals

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Battery Protection Service Please note, promotional offers require purchase of the Battery Protection Service as a part of the installation package. De-selecting this will make you ineligible for certain promotions & offers.Close [x]
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TPMS Sensor

To keep your Tire Pressure Monitoring system (TPMS) working properly, sensors are required for installation of your new wheels.Close [x]

TPMS Rebuild Kit

For some vehicles, we may be able to rebuild the sensors from your existing wheels. However, new sensors may be necessary based on your vehicle/wheel combination. Your service advisor will help determine your specific needs at the time of installation.Close [x]

Valve Stems

New valve stems are required to ensure proper installation of your wheels.Close [x]

Lug Nuts

Depending on the style of your new wheels, new lug nuts may be required for installation. Our lug nut kits are available in chrome and black and will be selected based on the best match for your new wheels.Close [x]
Please check your vehicle placard or owner's manual. If you have an appointment we will check for you when you come in. Close [x]

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2

Extraordinary Off-Road Performance. What it is A combination of outstanding off-road traction, robust construction and aggressive aesthetics that provide race-proven performance. Who it s for 4WD enthusiasts who want the latest in top off-road performance.
  • Aggressive new looks A Krawler-inspired tread design with great looks and dual grooving pattern
  • Krawler-TEK Sidewall
  • Exciting new sizes
  • Incredible on-off road performance. More transverse and linear flex zones across tread improves off-road traction. Large sidewall lugs add muscle to the sidewall and improve traction in soft soil conditions.
  • Large and thick sidewall lugs increases sidewall strength. New sidewall rubber compound is more resistant to cutting and tearing BFGoodrich Tires TriGard, 3-ply construction has cords that are up to 33 stronger that increase sidewall strength

Tire Size
Truck and SUV285/75R16
Tire Type
Speed Rating
Load Index
Load Range


Safety Rating is a combination of two values: Load Index and Speed Rating for P-Metric and Euro Metric tire sizes; and Load Range and Speed Rating in the case of heavy duty LT (light truck) sizes.

Speed Rating is based on the speed that the tire is designed to be driven at for extended periods of time. All tires in the in the U.S. are designed to maintain legal U.S. speed limits. The speed rating of tires must match the maximum driving speed of the vehicle.

Load Index is used on P metric and Euro Metric sized tires and denotes a tire's load-carrying capacity at a specified inflation pressure. The load index is represented by a number, the higher the Load Index Value the greater the load the tire can safely carry. Vehicle manufacturers recommend a maximum load capacity based on a recommended minimum load index.
(LT) Light Truck
Tire Class


Tire Class reflects how the tire will be used. There are four major categories: All-Season, Max Performance, Summer-Only and Winter-Use.

All-Season tires are suitable for year-round driving in all weather conditions.

Summer-Only & Max Performance tires are specifically designed for high-performance driving. Tire compound, tread design and speed ratings all combine to hug the road and maintain grip. Summer tires by nature are not ideal for winter driving due to lack of siding to grip winter roads.

Winter-Use tires have tread compounds and patterns that are specially designed for grip on snowy or icy road surfaces. They are not suitable for year-round use. The rubber compound used will wear more quickly on dry, summer roads. It is recommended that winter tires are fitted as a complete set to avoid potential handling issues.
Everday Use
All Season



Tread Type


Tread Type is an important consideration when choosing a tire. There are four main types: Passenger, Highway, All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain.

Passenger denotes a tread that is suitable for normal use, a good all-round tread for normal driving.

Highway is a tread type unique to SUV and truck tires. The tread is optimized for normal everyday driving on paved surfaces. These tires can be driven off pavement, but are not ideally suited for off road traction. Highway tread patterns deliver a quiet ride.

For light trucks and specialty vehicles, All-Terrain tread types provide better off-road traction than standard highway truck tires. There more aggressive tread tends to be less quiet on paved roads. All Terrain tires are suitable for everyday use.

Mud-Terrain treads are specifically designed with wider tread blocks and higher void ratios to gain traction in off-road conditions. Mud Terrain tires can generate higher noise levels and tend to carry lower mileage warranties than other tread designs.

UTQG - Uniform Tire Quality Grade

UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) is made up of three values: treadwear, traction and temperature.

Treadwear is a relative numeric score, based on manufacturer tests, showing how well a tire can be expected to wear compared to other tires. A higher score means a tire could be expected to wear better.

Traction measures the tire's ability to stop a vehicle on wet roads. It doesn't reflect a tire's acceleration, cornering, or hydroplaning performance. Traction grades range from AA (highest) to C (lowest).

Temperature grades the tire's ability to withstand heat build-up, with A being the highest grade and C the lowest.

A - Over 115 mph
B - Between 100 to 115 mph
C - Between 85 to 100 mph
Traction Asphalt - gForce
AA - Above 0.54
A - Above 0.47
B - Above 0.38
C - Less Than 0.38
A - Over 115 mph
B - Between 100 and 115 mph
C - Between 85 and 100 mph

Drive / Ride Performance Characteristics

All tires have the following six performance characteristics, divided into three sets of trade-offs. In most cases, a tire may perform excellently in one characteristic but only standard in the other.
Standard Ride Comfort & Standard Handling
Handling: Get stiff side wall for precise steering and cornering but settle for a firm ride with increased road noise.
Ride Comfort: Enjoy a quiet, smooth ride but lose some cornering ability.
Standard Treadwear & Standard Traction
Traction: Stop faster in wet conditions but expect a shorter tread life.
Treadwear: Get long, uniform wear across your tread pattern but expect less traction in wet conditions.
Standard Low Rolling Resistance & Standard High Speed Performance
High-Speed Performance: Get increased performance at higher speeds but sacrifice some fuel economy.
Low Rolling Resistance: Enjoy improved fuel efficiency but expect less high-speed cornering ability.
Rated 4.4 out of 5 by 434 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by KM2 Mud Terrains Kick Butt Recently purchased 4 KM2 Mud Terrain tires 35X12.5. They were the replacement set for my BFG All Terrains, got 42,000 miles out of that set on my 2004 1500 Dodge Ram, also have an 83 Jeep CJ-5 running 32X11.5 BFG All Terrains. So got some experience with BFG products. The KM2'S were installed on a Thursday and Saterday my 16 year old and I headed out with our ATV and Dirt Bike loaded on a trailer with caming gear and all the essensials for a weekend of dirt riding. Bad rain headed out at 5:00 am in a driving rain, wipers on high about 50 miles into our journey rain stopped, tires were flawless on asphault under these conditions. Now the real test Checked in at ATV park, driving through very wet red clay mud loaded down with trailer,bikes,caming gear ect. in 4WD High, no slip or slide and this was some thick stuff after an all night monsoon! I will never buy anything but BFG tires ever again. Keep up the outstanding work!!! Thank You April 17, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by great tire i have roughly roughly 15000 miles on these tires and they're great. theyve seen mud couple of times and pulled right through in 2wd. hurt mileage alittle but its a mud tire. lot smoother riding tire than the ats i had. havent noticed much wear out of them March 1, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great on a Rubicon Great 33.3" tire for my 2014 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon. NO lift required, and no rubbing...255/80R17 BGF KM2. Better ride over the OEM BFGs due to additional height. February 16, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Could be better The Tread is amazing, Cleans better than anything else that isn't a comp tire and is a great tire on the road! All the tire does is DIG DIG DIG which is great in all mud types and it grips well on any rocks. I would say that compared to the krawler the tread should be wider it said 12.50 but the tread measured to only 9" wide and it should be 3 ply for strength with the same or similar sidewall as the Krawler. The sidewall is only 2 ply for flexability but theres not much to be gained since the main reason to airdown is for the sidewall to help but this case there isn't any. Its a great tire but it could be so much better if it was 3 ply. wider tread that was actually 12.50" and a great sidewall it could possibly be the best tire in the business. February 12, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best MT for the Jeep I love my KM2's! These are the quietest MT's that I have ever owned. The sidewalls have plenty of flex and have been extremely cut resistant. They are smooth handling on the road and good in snow too. January 15, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best aggresive tire on the market! I started running the km2's shortly after they first came out, and I was hooked. They have all of the good qualities in an offroad tire. They look good at the mall, and work even better in the dirt. Smooth ride, not overly loud on the highway, tire size runs true, awesome tread life. What more could you ask for? I've tried other tires, but always came back to Km2's. There is a size for every rig. I plan on getting some 235/85r16's for my Liberty. This will be my 6th set. The last set I ran, I was able to squeeze 55,000 miles out of them. If you rotate every 8k, keep the correct tire pressure, and keep your front end aligned, they will last forever December 25, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 Only tire I'll put on my Jeep These are the only tires I will put on my Jeep. I use size 35x12.5x15. They have the best performance off-road, and are light and quiet (as far as mud terrains go) while on road. They do great in mud, but I mainly take my Jeep on rocks, and they grab rock like no other. They also can take one heck of a beating. I've gotten some decent and impressive gashes and cuts on my sidewalls and tread from rock crawling, and not a single problem with these tires. They are AMAZING! The only thing I would change is making this tire in a 37x13.5 on a 15" wheel. I don't want to have to get a bigger wheel size to go from my 35's to 37's. December 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best all round tires My ZR2 came with BF Goodrich 31 inch tires. Back in 2002 when the originals needed replacement. I bought the Mud TA's, and have never looked back. They even work in deep snow, because they throw the snow out. Great durable tire, never had a puncture when off roading. Never got stuck in the snow either. I wonder if most people know that BF Goodrich is owend by Michelin? Now if only they made them for my KTM's :o) November 13, 2013
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