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Truck tires are available in a wide variety of options. Picking the right truck tire to suit your needs comes down to knowing how you intend to use the vehicle. TIRES BY SIZETIRES BY VEHICLE

What truck tire options are there?

Nearly any type of tire, if it is the correct size, can work on a truck; it depends on your intended use for the vehicle. If hauling heavier loads like what you might in the bed of a pickup truck or on a trailer is the goal, a light truck tire could be the correct choice. Touring and passenger tires are options if you intend to primarily drive on the road and rarely hull cargo. Off-road enthusiasts might be interested in all-terrain tires or even mud-terrain tires for their truck.

Are there differences between truck and SUV tires?

Truck tires typically feature larger sidewalls and heavier load ratings than SUV tires.

What’s the difference between light truck (LT) and passenger truck tires

Light truck tires are designed for owners who intend to haul heavier loads with their vehicle either in its bed or on a trailer. Made from thicker rubber compound than passenger tires, LT tires tend to be more durable. Passenger truck tires have thinner sidewalls than their LT counterparts, which helps lead to a smoother ride.

How long do truck tires last?

Warranties on truck tires tend to be shorter than those for a car, because some are designed to carry heavy loads and/or for off-road travel. You can expect to find truck tires warrantied for about 40,000-70,000 miles.

How do you know what truck tires are best for your needs?

Start by learning more about tires. Also, speak with your local Pep Boys tire expert to help you decide on a truck tire that is right for you.

Pep Boys Recommended Tire

Cooper Adventurer HT

The Adventurer H/T is a highway light truck rib tire that provides trusted all-season performance and dependable wear. Designed to provide enhanced wet and winter traction with increased tread stability, the large, solid shoulder elements help resist abnormal wear.
  • R-Tech construction is a sidewall construction feature that improves responsiveness in all driving conditions. The tire responds more quickly to driver input.
  • Smaller tread elements and increased siping provide improved wet winter handling performance
  • Wide water channels allow water to be evacuated away from the tread area for improved handling in adverse weather conditions