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Snow tires are designed to give your car the best traction possible in winter conditions. Sometimes referred to as “winter tires,” they should always be purchased in fours. Having them only on front wheels can lead to spinouts, while just on the back can make it difficult to navigate turns.TIRES BY SIZETIRES BY VEHICLE

What makes them snow tires?

Snow tires feature a large amount of sipes, which helps the tread bite through snow. They are also constructed of soft rubber that won’t harden when temperatures drop, leading to better traction in snow and rain.

How long will snow tires last?

Snow tires typically last about 20,000 miles or three winters. You should consider replacing them when tread depth falls to 4/32 in. or less.

Can snow tires be used year-round?

It isn’t advisable to use snow tires once the temperature consistently remains above 45° F. While the soft rubber does well in winter weather, it doesn’t provide the same traction in the summer. Additionally, warm weather will cause the rubber in snow tires to break down prematurely. It’s suggested that you purchase snow tires in addition to your car’s all-season or summer tires.

How many types of snow tires are there?

Several, if you include the different manufactures and brands. There are also studded and stud-less snow tires. The former has metal studs embedded in the tread that are designed to give your car added traction. Be sure to check if studded snow tires are legal where you intend to drive because several states have banned them. Stud-less snow tires typically use deeper tread depths and other innovations to give you traction in the cold weather.

How do you know snow tires are best for your needs?

Start by learning more about tires. Also, speak with your local Pep Boys tire expert to see if snow tires are what’s right for you.

Pep Boys Recommended Tire

General Altimax Arctic

This studdable winter tire is great for passenger vehicles, light trucks, crossovers and SUVs, and is designed to offer high levels of traction at low temperatures.
  • Multi-angle sipe system featuring 270 degrees of sipes with biting edges that maximize snow, ice and wet traction in all directions
  • Directional tread pattern with center stability rib, which provides active water evacuation while the solid center rib provides straight-line stability
  • Reactive contour technology (RCT) reacts to different road conditions to maintain enhanced contact with road surface throughout the life of the tire
  • All-weather dual tread compound features a mixture of natural rubber and silica rubber compound that maintains cold-weather flexibility and provides excellent wet traction and long even tread wear
  • Unique grooves and sipes combine with a modern compound to offer outstanding performance in low temperatures