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Your motorcycle's tires are the most important part of your bike since they directly impact your safety in addition to ride comfort.

Whether you ride a cruiser or a sportbike, motorcycle tires are the only thing that connects your bike to the road. Motorcycle tires are broken into two primary types, radial and bias, which are determined by how the cords and belts are arranged inside the tire. Belts on radial tires go straight across while belts for bias tires are placed diagonally. Pep Boys suggests you only use one type of tire on your motorcycle since mixing radial and bias tires can impact handling.

From there, motorcycle tires are typically broken down into categories which include touring, sport, race, off-road, and performance.

Where would you use motorcycle tires?

Motorcycle tires can be used on a paved road if you ride a sportbike or cruiser, off-road if you ride a dirt bike, or both on and off-road depending on the bike you have. Most motorcycle tires are designed for a specific surface. Using the correct tire for the surface you are traveling on will improve the tire’s lifespan.

How well do motorcycle tires perform on paved road?

That really depends on the type of motorcycle tire that you purchase. Off-road tires are designed to perform best on unpaved surfaces as they struggle to grip paved roads.

Street, or on-road, tires can come in a few options and are generally good for paved surfaces. Cruiser tires are heavier but meant to be driven on paved roads and are typically able to withstand many miles while also offering adequate wet traction. Sportbike tires are meant to be used on dry roads or tracks and tend to struggle on wet surfaces.

Dual-purpose tires are designed to combine the best of on- and off-road tires; however, it is important to understand their split designation (75/25, for example). The tire might not perform as needed after overexposure to the lower split.

What's the tread life of motorcycle tires?

Motorcycle tires are designed to be used in specific environments and using them correctly will allow for your tread to last longer. Typically, motorcycle tires have a shorter lifespan than car tires so you might want to consider replacing them every 1-3 years.

How do you know what motorcycle tires are best for your needs?

The best motorcycle tires for your needs depends on the type of motorcycle that you own and your type of driving. If you drive a cruiser or sportbike then you’ll need tires that are great on paved roads. Conversely, if you have a dirt bike and want to take that off-road then you’ll need to purchase a set of tires that are designed to perform on dirt.

Pep Boys Recommended Tire

Kenda Challenger

Offering great value in the touring segment, the Kenda Challenger continues the tradition of helping to fuel your passion. Whether a casual ride or competitor, Kenda motorcycle tires are designed to meet a wide variety of needs in order to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. The Challenger line specifically is an excellent choice for lightweight, sport touring motorcycles while offering a tubeless construction.