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Best Low Profile Tires at Pep Boys


Low-profile tires feature a short sidewall and wide tread. Because of that, low-profile tires are a good fit for drivers seeking great handling and performance from their tires. TIRES BY SIZE TIRES BY VEHICLE

What are low-profile tires?

Low-profile tires are tires that have a shorter than average sidewall (lower aspect ratio) for their size. Typically, a tire with an aspect ratio of 50 or less is considered low-profile.

What advantages do low-profile tires offer?

Low-profile tires typically handle and perform better than tires with larger aspect ratios. They also enable you to purchase larger rims and brakes for your car, which will shorten your stopping distance. Constructed with wider tread, low-profile tires grip the road better and afford you more stability while cornering.

Are there drawbacks to driving on low-profile tires?

Yes, including the possibility of rapid deflation and/or wheel damage caused by potholes and other road hazards. This is due to their thinner sidewalls. The short, stiff sidewalls of low-profile tires also don’t absorb much impact, which leads to a stiffer ride.

How do you know low-profile tires are best for your needs?

Start by learning more about tires. Also, speak with your local Pep Boys tire expert to see if low-profile tires are what’s right for you.

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06

Exceptional ultra-high performance all-season tire tuned for drivers seeking extreme grip in dry, wet and snow conditions with superior tread life and comfort.
  • Ultra-high performance all-season
  • Tuned for ultra-high performance drivers seeking extreme grip in wet and snow conditions.
  • QuickView Indicators visually inform drivers to the level tires are performing in dry, we and snow conditions.
  • Improved All-Season Traction