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Whether you have a riding mower for your lawn or you handle field and farm work, lawn and garden tires are meant to make landscaping easy.

What are lawn and garden tires?

Lawn and garden tires are used on mowers to help your landscaping needs. They typically offer great traction and stability and can be used on flat and hilly surfaces.

Where would you use lawn and garden tires?

Lawn and garden tires are commonly used on your lawn or garden during landscaping. These tires are meant to be used on grass or grass-like surfaces such as turf.

How well do lawn and garden tires perform on paved roads?

Ideally, lawn and garden tires shouldn't be used on paved surfaces for an extended period of time since they are designed to be used on grass.

What's the life on lawn and garden tires?

The lifespan of lawn and garden tires is typically a few years, but there are a few ways to determine if your tires need to be replaced sooner. First, check the tread depth and take the penny test. Next, look for signs of dry rot and notice if the tires are losing pressure quicker than normal. Finally, pay attention to how much wobble your mower or tractor is producing. Typically, these are designed to have some wobble but anything more than the usual is a clear sign it's time to replace your tires.

How do you know which lawn and garden tires are best for your needs?

Consider the type of lawn or work that you need to do when researching which lawn and garden tires are right for you. Tires for a residential lawn or garden are much smaller while tires for a tractor tend to be larger since they're typically used for farming and larger landscaping projects.

Pep Boys Recommended Tire

Hi-Run Lawn Tire

The Hi-Run Lawn Tire is a high quality lawn and garden tire that provides great traction without damaging your lawn or turf.