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ATVs can be used for both work and fun so their tires are important to your safety as well as ride and comfort.

What are ATV Tires

ATV tires are designed for all-terrain vehicles and are commonly used while off-roading on four-wheelers. These tires feature diverse tread designs intended for different terrain, ranging from mountainside to dune driving and more. ATV tires also differ in price point, not only based on their intended use but also in how they are manufactured. The two most common types of ATV tires are bias-ply and radial and each have their pros and cons.


What are the Differences Between Bias-Ply and Radial ATV Tires?

Mainly the difference between bias-ply and radial tires is in their construction. Bias-ply ATV tires are constructed of crisscrossed fabric, typically rubber-coated nylon, placed at 30-degree angles. This construction process helps them to have stronger sidewalls than radial ATV tires. Bias ATV tires provide better grip, cleanout, and traction than radial tires in extreme off-road conditions but can be used on paved surfaces. They are typically cheaper than radial ATV tires and can be easily repaired.

With radial ATV tires, the construction comes in two parts. The casing features a layer of steel cables that are coated with rubber and arc from bead to bead at 90-degree angles. Inside are rubber-coated steel plies that form belts used to stabilize the crown. The belts help resist against cuts and punctures of the tire. Radial ATV tires cost more than bias-ply but the treadlife is longer. They offer better fuel economy due to lower heat build-up and having less rolling resistance than bias ATV tires and provide a smoother ride on most surfaces. Radial ATV tires are also more difficult to repair than bias-ply tires.

Where Would You Use ATV Tires?

ATV Tires can be used on any road type thanks to their all-terrain nature. They are, however, most commonly used on off-road surfaces such as sand, snow, dirt, mud, and grass.

What's the Tread Life of ATV Tires?

ATV tires typically last for four to five years after they are made, but their tread life largely depends on the type of tire - radial or bias-ply - how they're used and how often. Certain tires are designed to work best on their specific environment and will wear quicker (or fail) on other surfaces. Additionally, you might need to replace your ATV tires yearly if they're used heavily. Consult your local Pep Boys tire professional to help you identify how long you should go between replacing your ATV tires and what the warning signs of tire wear are.

How Do You Know ATV Tires are Best for Your Needs?

The best ATV tires for your needs largely depend on what type(s) of surfaces you're going to conquer with your ATV. All-terrain ATV tires tend to be good for any surface excluding a paved road, while mud and sand tires are best for those surface types.

Recommended Tire

Carlisle Trail Wolf

Featuring a deep wrap-around tread design, the Carlisle Trailer Wolf ATV tire promotes forward traction while minimizing lateral slip in addition to a stiff sidewall for increased cornering control.
  • Designed for intermediate to hard surfaces/trails and recreation
  • Compound formulated for longer wear and increased replacement intervals
  • Designed with rim guar to protect wheel lip for extended wear protection