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All-terrain tires mix the added grip and open-tread style of an off-road tire with the necessary traction and handling capabilities of street tires. They are typically found on trucks and SUVs.TIRES BY SIZETIRES BY VEHICLE

What are All-Terrain Tires?

All-terrain tires are a compromise between off-road and road tires. Treading on all-terrain tires is tighter than it is for off-road/mud tires, which helps them perform adequately on the road as well. They are best suited for vehicles that will be driven on the road daily and occasionally off-road.

Can you use all-terrain tires off-road?

Yes, but the tread on most all-terrain tires can become packed with mud, making them less than ideal for muddy trails. If mudding is something you intend to do frequently, investing in a set of mud tires is recommended.On rocky and sandy conditions, all-terrain tires tend to perform fine.

How well do all-terrain tires perform on the road?

Drivers can expect adequate traction in normal road conditions with all-terrain tires but may experience more road noise than with a street tire. A benefit of all-terrain tires is they give better traction than street tires on sandy and rocky road conditions and in snow as well.

What’s the tread life for all-terrain tires?

It varies by make and model, but all-terrain tires typically have shorter tread life than street tires because they are constructed from softer rubber. Usually drivers can expect about 40,000 miles out of all-terrain tires before they need to be replaced.

How do you know all-terrain tires are best for your needs?

Start by learning more about tires. Also, speak with your local Pep Boys tire expert to see if all-terrain tires are right for you.

Pep Boys Recommended Tire

Cooper Adventurer A/T

A balance of all-terrain traction, aggressive styling and on-road manners are available in one tire for today’s SUVs and half-ton trucks. The Adventurer A/T integrates a tread and siping pattern that handles wet, dry and off-road conditions while providing dependable mileage and a quiet ride. The all-terrain, silica-infused tread compound increases grip while the enhanced sidewall improves handling. An all-terrain tire for wherever you want to go.
  • Provides dynamic handling, dependable mileage and all-terrain traction
  • Chevron traction grooves efficiently move water away from the tread-to-road contact area and creates excellent soft surface and snow traction
  • TracGrip tread compound is formulated with an optimal mix of all-terrain and road traction properties to provide consistent and dependable performance and grip
  • Tread element chamfers improve the wear pattern of the tire, reduces the potential for irregular wear, allows the tire to remain quiet and extends the overall tread life of the tire