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PROFORM® Parts is a leader in the high-performance automotive aftermarket, engineering and manufacturing creative products from intelligent concepts. At PROFORM, our goal is to provide performance enthusiasts, gearheads, and DIYers with innovation, quality, and affordability in all our products-giving the customer maximum value. This is the result of experienced and efficient global manufacturing, not cutting corners!


The PROFORM line offers 100% NEW (as opposed to "rebuilt") starters, alternators, stock harmonic balancers, and distributors. You’ll also find a line of roller-tipped rocker arms, offering you a wide selection of manufacturing processes (stamped steel, machined extruded aluminum, and billet aluminum); wired and wireless shift lights; and a whole line of popular and easy-to-use engine builders’ tools made to exacting specifications. We are so confident in our products that they are backed by a 1 year warranty, and we have live technicians ready to help with any question about our parts.

Engine Dress-Up

No longer are engine dress-up parts one-and-done; just like fashions, they come and go. But with PROFORM, you always get the cutting edge of engine dress-up fashion. With our hot new Slant-Edge look, which comes in a wide variety of finishes and logo and emblem styles, you can personalize your engine affordably and be the envy of your friends.



PROFORM Engine Building Tools allow you to tackle almost any job quick and easy-without breaking the bank or busting your knuckles like you do with low-quality tools from the bargain bin. With nearly 200 different engine building tools, there’s no job you can’t handle.