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Shocks, Struts & Power Steering Pumps

More miles in every MOOG

Car Alignment, Steering, and Suspension Parts

Driving a vehicle with blown shocks and struts isn't just uncomfortable, it could also be dangerous. Your front suspension absorbs some of the energy produced during braking. As the components wear out, the distance required to stop your vehicle increases up to 10%. The suspension on the rear of your vehicle keeps the rear wheels planted over bumps and through corners. Your vehicle will become more difficult to drive safely as those components wear out. Another sign that your rear suspension components may need replacing is the inability to secure items in the trunk or in your trucks bed. 

If you prefer to complete the work yourself, shop Pep Boys for the shocks and struts, tie-rod ends, and wheel bearings you need to do the job right. If you would rather leave the work to the pros, give your local Pep Boys a call and schedule an appointment to get your car or truck checked out before it potentially becomes too dangerous to drive.