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Car Battery Services

In addition to offering premium battery services, Pep Boys provides the reassurance that your vehicle is being fixed by a trained professional technician. Whether your car battery is failing or you believe you have an issue with an alternator or starter, we have you covered.

Car Battery Service Packages

Pep Boys Professional Battery Installation Service

As vehicles' electrical systems become more complex, it is critical for the battery and related electrical components to operate flawlessly. Our battery installation service is performed by professional technicians who are trained on how to service complex starting and charging systems.

Reg. $14.99
(with coupon)

The Pep Boys Professional Battery Installation Service* includes:

  • Use of Memory Saver Device to maintain the memorized settings of components, such as the radio, seats and mirrors
  • Removal and recycling of the old battery
  • Inspection and cleaning of the battery tray and cable terminal ends
  • PROSTART Complete Starting & Charging System Evaluation
  • Installation of your choice of the following batteries**
    • Bosch Premium Battery - AS LOW AS $104.99
      • With over 80 years of technological innovation, Bosch delivers unsurpassed quality and best-in-class performance
      • Designed with a corrosion-resistant structure to prevent sulfating and provide the longest battery life
      • Constructed to deliver maximum cold-cranking amps that will meet or exceed your vehicles original equipment specifications
      • Even in extreme temperatures, the Bosch Premium battery provides reliable starting power
      • Comes with 3-year free battery replacement coverage and emergency jumpstart guarantee
    • PROSTART Lead-Acid Battery - AS LOW AS $99.99
      • PROSTART batteries feature advanced technology for prolonged battery life and performance
      • Long-life alloys provide protection against battery corrosion, providing an excellent battery replacement option
      • Comes with 2-year free battery replacement coverage
    • Valuegrade Lead-Acid Battery - AS LOW AS $83.99
      • General purpose battery that provides reliable starting power
      • Comes with 1-year free battery replacement coverage
  • Application of battery protection felt washers
  • Protective coating treatment of terminals

* Applies to most vehicles; for a limited number of vehicles with batteries in hard-to-access locations and vehicles that require the engine control module/unit to be "flashed," labor charges may apply

** Some batteries may not be offered for some vehicles

*** Servicing a hybrid vehicle usually requires removal of trunk access panel for power supply access, shut off and reconnection

A shop supply fee will be an additional charge (except in NY and CA) of 9.99% up to $35.00. Each individual work order will identify and apply any applicable shop supply charge.