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Your opinion is very important to us and the Pep Boys community. Please take the time to write a review on your recent visit.

The Pep Boys’ vision is to be the best place to shop and care for your car. With your assistance, we can make your online and in-store experience a success. Below you will find a series of store reviews, service reviews, and the overall experience our customers had when choosing us. Find out what our customers think about our prices, products, and customer service across the Pep Boys brand.
Pep Boys Patchogue, NY, USA
I am a 28 year old female, who has been taken advantage of when it comes to car services. I can honestly say, this was the first time I felt beyond satisfied with the services I received from Pep Boys. In addition, the services men went above and beyond, fixing and completing minor things. When I got in my car, I was beyond ecimages that I did not have to complete the minor things, which included my registration being placed on (tape removed from the prior and all), my tire pressure was checked and my light was off, and there was a piece hanging under my car (from when I hit a speed bump) and it was fixed. I only went in for an oil change. The services I received at Pep Boys made me realize not all people in car services are out to take advantage. From the moment I walked into the office I was treated like a valued customer.

Phil R.
Pep Boys Fresno, CA, USA
“Shopping there for years”
I have been going to this particular store for years getting all my cars and truck work done. They do a great job and always charge me a great rate.
Bruce Sims
Pep Boys Lindenhurst, IL, USA
“Tried and true service”
Despite individual little quirks, I come back to Pep Boys time and again because I have found the greatest consistency with their attention and service. I have yet to have an experience where the CSR acted as though he was doing me a favor and was put-out that I was intruding on him. Instead I get the sense that the person waiting on me genuinely cares about getting my problem solved.
Gary Budny
Pep Boys Dundalk, MD, USA
“Variety of merchandise”
I’ve been looking for my product at several places who didn’t have it, and stopped by Pep Boys due them being in the same shopping center I was already in and BAM they had it.
Dr. Martha Taylor
Pep Boys Denison, TX, USA
“Night staff”
Derrick the manager the night I needed emergency tire replacement was extremely helpful. After the store officially closed he took off his fancy management shirt and worked in his t- shirt with his garage staff. They stayed late to finish the job. The whole team was highly skilled, polite, efficient and friendly.
Eman Yo
Pep Boys Corona, CA, USA
I paid $757 for four tires, waited for over three hours just to have my tires mounted on my truck, yet they could not give the tire a bit of shine. I mean, a little bit of armer all to shine it, to make it look new, to make it look 757 bucks worth of tires. What I got was some ashy tires that I had to scrub and shine it.
Carlos Medeiros
Pep Boys Bakersfield, CA, USA
“I can always count on fair prices at Pep Boys”
I use pep boys quite frequently when purchasing oil/filters for maintenance of my cars and truck. fair prices and with coupons it is a win win for me to help save some money. thank you.
Michele Anderson
Pep Boys Las Vegas, NV, USA
“Great staff”
Went in for a device and was welcomed immediately. Really felt like they cared about my needs. Didnt feel like just another number. Love the attention I got. Thanks
Mark Smalley
Pep Boys Bensalem, PA, USA
“Big change”
Wait forever in line seems like they only help people there for service
Bill Pryne
Pep Boys Cathedral City, CA, USA
“Large selection and quick service when you need it”
I’ve been looking elsewhere for the same item and found it at PepBoys on my way home. I should know better than to waste my time looking elsewhere. I’ve been going to PepBoys for over 50 years and have never been dissatisfied.
Freddy Antongiorgi
Pep Boys San Germán, Puerto Rico
“Good service”
Great selection of tires, helpful staff, took a little bit longer than expected but it was bad luck with a faulty tire (new).
Jashawnda W.
Pep Boys North Las Vegas, USA
“Always helpful”
Great rewards and always willing to give advice on items you are purchasing or looking for.
Luis H.
Pep Boys San Bernardino, CA, USA
“Excellent service”
Excellent service and prices!! Took my vehicle for an oil change and tire rotation! Honest friendly staff at a reasonable Price. They didn’t try to sale me something I didn’t need just to make a quick buck!!