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Synthetic Motor Oil

A hard-working engine deserves the protection of a steadfast motor oil. Step up your car’s fuel economy and performance with Quaker State® Enhanced Durability Synthetic Blend motor oil, or take your overall wear protection to the highest level with Quaker State® Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic.

High Mileage & Conventional Motor Oils

Quaker State is engineered to give your car lasting power. Whether you treat your car with Quaker State® Advanced Durability, or continue its powerful performance with Quaker State® High Mileage, their motor oil delivers a toughness you can count on.

Quaker State® Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic

More Power1
  • Unsurpassed wear protection against friction-related wear, especially as engine temperature rises2
  • Superior lubrication flow and pumpability in below freezing weather1
  • Maintains required viscosity from start to finish, providing optimal protection
  • Provides corrosion protection to protect against harmful acids generated by engine contaminants
  • Excellent protection against the formation of sludge and other harmful deposits1
  • Compatible with biofuels ranging from E10 to E85 and suitable for hybrid vehicles

Quaker State® High Mileage

Quaker State® High Mileage
  • Helps reduce wear for more engine life2
  • Active seal conditioning agents keep seals pliable to prevent leaks and oil loss
  • Contains additional friction modifiers for improved fuel economy
  • Boosted zinc for extra protection on high wear surfaces
  • Advanced thermal and oxidative stability help reduce oil burn-off and maximize power consumption
  • Reduces oil burn-off and consumption

Quaker State® Advanced Durability

More Protection2
  • 2x more wear protection than industry standard throughout the life of the motor oil2
  • Helps engines survive daily commutes from high-speed highway operation to repetitive, stop-and-go driving
  • Maintains viscosity from start to finish, providing optimal oil film protection
  • Provides rust protection from harmful acids generated by engine containments

When it comes to protecting and enhancing your engine performance, no one sets the bar quite like Quaker State. For everything your engine needs, shop Quaker State motor oil online or at your local Pep Boys.

1 Compared to Quaker State® Advanced Durability Motor Oil.
2 Compared to industry standard Sequence IVA.