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For more than 30 years, Pilot, Inc. has delivered quality products and category-leading innovation to the automotive aftermarket. With a collective 30,000 product inventory ranging from dashcams to wheel covers and flashlights to cold air intakes, Pilot has a vast product portfolio, including well-respected and burgeoning brands.

Voodoo Ride®

With cleaning products that can be used without water and perform multi-functions, along with a unique application method, Voodoo Ride is out to bring hard-working products and much-needed innovation to the car care category. Voodoo Ride products provide both a great user experience and a shine so bright, you're gonna need protective eyewear.

Rolling Big Power® (RBP)

Rolling Big Power is Pilot's high-end truck accessory line. RBP specializes in what is known on the street as "hard-working bling," accessories that perform rough and tumble off-road but clean up nicely and present well on date night. It allows truck owners to lifestyle accessorize from grille to tailpipe and rim to roof so they can achieve maximum performance in the wild and look damn good while rolling downtown.

DC Sports

Designed for performance mavens, DC Sports started out specializing in headers and exhaust components. After getting noticed, commissioned by, and lauded for their Honda 4-into-1 header design for Honda's FCCA CRX's, DC Sports was asked to design headers for other Honda applications. From there, they were off-to-the-races. Today, DC Sports has an expanded, yet focused product line, including headers, intake systems, exhausts, and suspension enhancements; for both on and off the track.
When looking for quality automotive accessories, look no further than Pilot Automotive and its brands.