Varsity Auto Care

Varsity Auto Care isn’t an ordinary rewards program. It doesn’t just reward your loyalty; it earns it.

Designed to provide you with tools to drive sales, satisfy your customers, train and retain employees and reduce costs, Varsity Auto Care makes your shop more competitive and successful.

Becoming a member is easy and gives you preferred access to these innovative benefits:

Reward Points:

Earn reward points for the purchases you make every month, including:

  • Brand name merchandise
  • Travel and vacations
  • Experiences
  • Events

Plus, earn bonus points for special product promotions and other Varsity Auto Care activities.

Value-added Services:

To thrive, your business needs certain industry services. That’s why we’ve partnered with various industry-leading vendors to qualify you for free or discounted services, including:

  • Training
  • Extended service and tire plans
  • Two-year, 24,000-mile nationwide parts and labor warranty
  • Shop management system discounts
  • Marketing support, including website development
  • Uniform program
  • And more

Preferred Pricing and Rebates:

It’s simple—the more you spend the more you save.

Get better prices on your parts and tires by moving up spending tiers. Plus, you can earn special back-end rebates, too, by purchasing online or purchasing tires.

So, are you ready for a better rewards program? Talk to your account manager about Varsity Auto Care today.

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