Pep Express Tire Brands

As a Pep Express customer, you have access to the most-trusted and innovative tire brands on the market. Need them right now? You got it with our “Hot Shot” delivery. Pep Express is the ONLY parts provider to offer fast delivery of parts, tires, tools, shop equipment and more.


Michelin tires are synonymous with best-in-class innovation and engineering and world-renowned for their long-lasting dependability and performance. Pep Express is proud to bring you this top-quality tire brand your customers know and trust.


From high-performance to passenger tires, if your customer is a vehicle enthusiast who loves to drive – these are the tires for them. BFGoodrich's quality construction and inventive style have cemented the brand as the tires to beat on the the track and off.


Whether your customer drives a passenger car, minivan, CUV, SUV or light truck, Falken offers a quality tire to fit their exact needs. Falken has also gained credibility in the industry as an Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire manufacturer due to their relentless testing and development in the professional motor sports world.


Continental tires are constructed with both cutting-edge technology and ecological responsibility in mind. Continental tires deliver dependable tracking in all weather conditions and boast a wide range of product lines designed to meet the needs of your customers' vehicles.


Carlisle tires feature consistent performance, solid quality and great value. Best known for their specialty lines of tractor tires, trailer tires, truck tires, lawn and garden tires and more, Carlisle is a name you and your customers can trust for an economic, dependable tire.


As one of the most popular tire brands on the market, Cooper delivers excellent quality tires that feature long-wearing tread, superior control and excellent reliability. Your customers can trust Cooper to deliver a safe and smooth ride.


Definity tires deliver reliable performance at an outstanding value. The Definity brand manufacturers several of the most-popular tire sizes and styles, including touring, performance and truck tires.


Futura specializes in the touring, performance and truck tire segments. From entry-level tires to more premium selections, Futura tires deliver outstanding value combined with a comfortable ride and all-season handling.

General Tire

Known for their innovation in truck tires, General Tire is one of the most popular truck and off-road offerings on the market today. General Tire produces quality constructed tires with reliable, smooth performance. At Pep Express, we offer a wide array of General Tire options, including performance and passenger tires in addition to their popular light truck and SUV offerings.


Hankook is quickly gaining a large share of the U.S. tire market due to their innovative commitments to both the environment and tire technology. Simply stated, Hankook delivers high-quality and reliable products. Hankook tires provide your customers with a cutting-edge, quality tire option.

Mickey Thompson

The Mickey Thompson legacy began as a smoky burnout in the bleach box of a drag strip. Today, this high-performance industry leader remains committed to all things fast, loud, big and mean. Their dedication to high-performance tire technology is rooted in their tireless development of innovative tread design and compounds perfect for the track, the trail or the street. Whether your customer is off-road rock hopping or in pursuit of blistering 1/4-mile passes, Pep Express has the Mickey Thompson tires they need.


Cornell is an entry-level option for budget-minded customers looking for good performance at a great price. Cornell offers all-season performance and good traction in all weather conditions.


Maxiis tires are a trusted option for the customer seeking reliable performance at a mid-tier price. Specializing in passenger and light truck tires, Maxiis tires combine performance and a smooth ride at a great value.


For specialty tires or trailer tires, Hi-Run is a trusted brand. Whether your customers are looking for boat trailer tires or getting a new set of tires for their golf cart, Hi-Run specialty tires are a quality, reliable tire your customers can trust.


Kenda carries dependable tires that deliver optimal performance for motorcycles, ATVs and trailers. Known for their ATV and motorcycle tires, Kenda is a popular and respected brand in the specialty tire community.


Nika Tires are an affordable option for the customer who wants a dependable tire that won’t break the bank.


Ohtsu are another economic tire option that brings dependable performance and value to your customers. Designed for comfortable driving on and off the highway, our lines of Ohtsu tires provide a lower price point without sacrificing quality.


Starfire tires are manufactured to be competitively priced without compromising quality or safety for drivers and their passengers. With a focus on wet and dry braking and handling, Starfire is an excellent option for an entry-level tire.


Travelstar features economically priced tires with all-season tread designs. With Travelstar tires, your customers are satisfied and safe.

Vee Rubber

Vee Rubber specializes in light truck and SUV tires. An entry-level tire, Vee Rubber tires utilize modern manufacturing techniques to deliver quality tire options ranging from small go-kart to large commercial applications.