Integrated Business Solution (IBS)

As a one-stop shop, Pep Express can take care of all of its commercial customers’ automotive needs in a streamlined process that saves time and money.

Businesses and government agencies have enough to worry about without having to focus on their day-to-day automotive needs. That’s why Pep Express is here to help!

Available to our medium- to large-sized commercial and government customers, the Pep Express Integrated Business Solution (IBS) program allows customers to outsource their entire parts operation to a professional parts management company.

Why consider an IBS?

  • Reduce business and human resource complexity
  • Improve productivity and availability by seamlessly integrating with a national parts network system
  • Reduce cash tied up in inventory
  • Let the experts take care of the environmental issues
  • Eliminates inventory shrinkage
  • Simplify accounts payable and reduce your average transaction cost
  • Help reduce obsolete inventory
  • Daily and “hot shot” delivery from assigned Pep Express Supercenter
  • Pep Express ordering and parts management systems

Pep Express supplies an experienced on-site parts manager to run the IBS operation at the customer’s location and provides “Priority One” dedicated and semi-dedicated trucks to ensure high levels of availability and customer satisfaction.

Let your people focus on the revenue generating aspects of your business, not on procuring parts and chasing missing inventory.

What types of customers can benefit from an IBS?

Public sector:

  • City and municipal garages
  • Schools districts
  • Airports
  • Police departments
  • And more...

Private sector:

  • New and used car dealerships
  • Service repair shops
  • Taxi fleets
  • General fleet garages
  • Reconditioning centers
  • Vehicle rental company garages
  • And more...

Contact your account manager today to discuss how our IBS program could help streamline your business.