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Learn More About Brakes
Rotors & Drums - What you need to know
All drums and rotors should either be resurfaced or replaced prior to installing new pads or shoes to ensure a smooth and parallel mating surface.
  • All drum and rotors have a minimum machining thickness (rotors) or maximum diameter (drums) after which you must replace instead of resurface
  • If the drum or rotor has a groove cut in it that is below the minimum thickness or maximum diameter, it needs to be replaced
  • Any drum/rotor that has lateral runout beyond specification needs to be replaced

Learn all about your vehicle's brake system at Pepboys.com

Disc Brake System
The fluid from the master cylinder is forced into a caliper where it presses against a piston. The piston, in-turn, squeezes two brake pads against the disc (rotor), which is attached to the wheel, forcing it to slow down or stop.
Drum Brake System

Learn all about your vehicle's brake system at Pepboys.com

Disc Brake SystemDrum Brake System
With drum brakes, fluid is forced into the wheel cylinder, which pushes the brake shoes out so that the friction linings are pressed against the drum, which is attached to the wheel, causing the wheel to stop.
ProStop Rotors and Drums
Our rotors and drums are engineered to SAE metallurgical standards (G3000) and meet all OE specifications for weight, configuration, and tolerances delivering the best performance in the market.
Drum Advantage
  • OE Fit and Finish
  • Corrosion Resisitant Coating
  • Quality Casting Process
Rotor Advantage
  • OE Design including weight and cooling fin configuration to deliver good dependable braking
  • Ultra smooth finish for low noise and dust.
Platinum Premium Rotor Advantage
Heat Resistant Coating to Protect against Rust
  • All Non braking surfaces painted black.
  • Virtually eliminates rust on non braking surface and cosmetically looks superior behind today’s open wheel designs.
O.E Design for Optimal Heat Dissipation
  • Manufactured to the exact O.E design including weight, braking surface thickness, and cooling fin configuration.
  • Ensures proper heat dissipation.
  • Results in brake system performing within the designed operating temperatures leading to longer pad and caliper life and elimination of potential warping related comebacks.
Brake Surfaces Double Disc Ground
  • Reduces break in time and gives confidence to the customer that the rotor has the proper surface finish.
Precision balancing process
  • Ensures proper balance and eliminates potemential vibration related comebacks