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'HowToBuy Exhaust Systems'

Upgrading your exhaust system is a great way to improve your vehicle's engine flow. An aftermarket system will provide you with improved efficiency, awesome sound, advanced horsepower, and optimal performance and style. Let the experts at Pep Boys install your aftermarket exhaust system and give your vehicle the ultimate upgrade.

'what are Exhaust Systems'

The exhaust system is comprised of piping that is used to guide exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside the engine. The exhaust gas typically flows through the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator and through the muffler, which is connected with the tail pipe. Stainless steel has been used to lengthen the life of the entire exhaust system since the late 1990s, allowing it to last for practically the entire life of your car.

Pep Boys features a vast variety of products that offer aftermarket exhaust system upgrades to facilitate engine tuning. These upgrades can significantly improve an engine's sound and performance.

'which Exhaust Systems'

Aftermarket exhaust parts are sold to replace the original exhaust components of a vehicle in order to improve the performance, visual appeal, or sound of the vehicle. System enhancements, with respect to overall performance, are achieved by reducing the back pressure of the factory exhaust system. These aftermarket products can also be a styling upgrade, by adjusting the visible features of the exhaust.

Often, it is the case that when the original part has worn out that an aftermarket component is both more available and less expensive than a factory or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement.

'Exhaust Systems'


Exhaust Manifolds/Header

  • The exhaust manifold's role is to channel exhaust away from the cylinder head to the exhaust pipe and finally out the back of the vehicle.

  • Aftermarket headers are made of mild steel or stainless steel. They may also be coated with a ceramic-type or painted with a heat-resistant finish.


Catalytic Converters

  • A catalytic converter is a vehicle emissions control device that converts toxic pollutants in exhaust gas to less toxic pollutants by catalyzing a reaction.

  • Catalytic converters are used with internal combustion engines, which are fueled by either gasoline or diesel.

  • Hi-flow aftermarket converters are available that help significantly reduce restriction in the exhaust system compared to the OE.


Thermal Insulation

  • Thermal insulation is specifically designed to reduce heat loss from the engine exhaust system.

  • The insulation assists with reducing engine bay temperatures, therefore lessening the intake temperature.

  • It prevents the physical degradation of the composite, due to helping decrease the potential frictional processes.



  • Glasspacks are a type of automobile muffler in which the exhaust gas passes straight through the center
    of the muffler.

  • These mufflers decrease back pressure, but are ineffective at reducing sound levels. Instead, glasspacks can be used to give the engine a deeper sound.


Chambered Mufflers

  • Mufflers are a series of pipes inside the expansion chamber cavity. These pipes allow sound to travel into them and cause the sound waves to bounce off the closed ends of the pipe. This then reverses the direction ofthe sound waves making them collide with oncoming sound waves and cancel each other out.

  • This whole process affects the overall performance and sound quality of themuffler itself.



  • Resonators are the sections of the exhaust pipe that expand to a larger diameter, which then gives way for the sound waves to reflect off the walls and
    ultimately cancel out.

  • Resonators are mostly used to reduce raspy sounds and popping.


Stock Mufflers

  • Stock mufflers bounce sound waves off of the back, front, and sides to cancel out sound.

  • These mufflers increase back pressure, but are very effective at reducing the sound levels.


Exhaust Piping

  • The piping that connects all of the individual components of the exhaust system is called the exhaust pipe.

  • The largest diameter exhaust pipe is not always better. Running a pipe that is too large may decrease a car's ground clearance, which would then increase the risk of the exhaust being damaged when the car drives over an uneven surface.


Is your car sounding different than it used to and lagging in performance? It may be time to upgrade. Check out the car parts we have to offer or visit a local Pep Boys near you to help you with all of your inquiries.