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Fleet Services
What is fleet management?
Fleet management is the managing of commercial cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, specialized vehicles, trailers and more. Several functions fall under fleet management, including vehicle maintenance. That is where Pep Boys Fleet Services is here to help.
How do I become a Pep Boys Fleet Services customer?
Contact us at Fleetservice@pepboys.com or call 800 55 FLEET and one of our representatives will connect you with a dedicated Fleet Sales Representative who can can help you decide on a plan that best suits your needs for fleet service and maintenance.
Why should I choose Pep Boys Fleet Services?
Pep Boys works with fleet managers of big and small fleets to build customized service plans that are executed in a consistent, flawless manner at each network location. Moreover, we offer quick service; a national, towing program; fleet management software solutions; access to most leading brands of replacement parts; and the industry’s most dedicated and responsive customer service team – all designed to decrease your downtime.
What types of businesses would benefit from using Pep Boys Fleet Services?
If your business requires vehicles to operate, it will benefit from becoming a Pep Boys Fleet Services customer. From delivery services to personal transportation and beyond, nearly every type of business needs fleet vehicles for continued success, and those assets will require upkeep.
My company’s fleet vehicles vary in year, make, and model. Is Pep Boys Fleet Services equipped to handle a variety of vehicles?
Thanks to our extensive parts catalog and skilled technicians, Pep Boys can service nearly any light to medium duty vehicle regardless of its year, make, and model.
What happens if my fleet vehicle needs repairs, but I am unable to drive it to a Pep Boys service bay?
Pep Boys Fleet Services customers need not worry if their vehicle is disabled and they are unable to bring it to a service location. If the scope of the repair means your fleet vehicle needs to be taken to the shop, our customers enjoy use of our Tow-to-Pep towing service.
How few or many fleet vehicles do I need to become a Pep Boys Fleet Services customer?
No matter the size of your vehicle fleet, Pep Boys will work with you and formulate a customized service plan that best fits your needs.
My business is regionally located, is Pep Boys able to service my fleet vehicles at multiple locations?
In many cases, yes, due to our nationwide footprint of more than 2,000 service locations, 10,000 service bays, and more than 22,000 skilled technicians ready to work on all types of vehicles. Contact us at Fleetservice@pepboys.com or 800- 55- FLEET for more information.