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One of the most often overlooked details concerning your vehicle's maintenance has to do with the battery terminals. The battery terminals are what allow you to hook your battery up to the rest of your car or truck's electrical system. When they become corroded and worn, your vehicle may run poorly, or not start whatsoever. They may even give you "mixed signals," making you think you need a new starter, battery, or alternator. Before you do any further diagnostic work to other parts of the engine, it's a good idea to service your battery terminals first.

How to Tell if Your Battery Terminals Need to be Serviced

The clearest symptom is a car that won’t start, even though the battery is in good condition. You may have even replaced your battery recently. To diagnose this issue:
  • Start by popping your hood.
  • Find your battery and locate the cables fixed to it.
  • The ends of these cables are the terminals. They should be attached to the posts on the battery.
  • Give the terminals and the battery posts a good once over to see if they are corroded or dirty. Do they look corroded? Are they clean?
  • Corroded terminals mean trouble, while clean terminals mean you may have another issue.
  • Now grab one of the terminals and give it a good wiggle. If your terminals move when you wiggle them by hand, you may need to have new battery terminals installed.
  • If your terminals don’t move but appear to be dirty, proceed with servicing them.
There are a variety of tools and battery chemicals you can use to service your battery terminals.

How to Service Your Battery Terminals

To clean your battery terminals, start by collecting a wire brush, an appropriately sized wrench, an old toothbrush, baking soda, and some grease or petroleum jelly. Then follow this simple, step-by-step guide:
  1. Use your wrench to loosen the battery terminals.
  2. Wiggle the battery terminals free from the battery posts.
  3. Use your wire brush to remove the excess corrosion and oxidation from both the terminals and the battery posts.
  4. To really get the terminals and posts clean, use your toothbrush and some baking soda. The baking soda neutralizes the material that has collected on the battery terminals.
  5. Once they are clean, smear a dab of grease or petroleum jelly on the terminals where they contact the battery posts.
  6. When you tighten your terminals to the posts, be gentle and go slowly. Don’t use too much torque. Terminals can be potentially damaged if you apply too much torque to them.

When Your Vehicle’s Issue is Bigger Than the Battery Terminals

If cleaning and refastening your battery terminals fails to solve your problem, you may need a new battery, starter, or alternator.

Head to your local Pep Boys to have your vehicle's charging and starting system inspected and tested.