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Fluid leaking from your car could mean a variety of different things. Take notice of the color that is leaking from your car, so that you can figure out which area of your car may be leaking.


Red fluid leaking from your car is generally an indication that your transmission or power steering system is leaking. This could be due to a faulty transmission seal or a hole in the return line that feeds the fluid between systems. Dry the leak up with a Transmission System Evaluation.


Orange fluid leaking from your vehicle can be one of several things. Rust in your radiator can cause leaking antifreeze or condensation to appear orange. Transmission fluid can appear orange depending on its age. Get to the bottom of the problem with an AC System Leak Evaluation.


If your vehicle is leaking yellow fluid, radiator coolant is generally the culprit. The issue might be stemming from a loose hose clamp or a damaged o-ring. Your vehicle’s manufacturer provides specifications of what coolant you should use. If you don’t use the proper coolant, leaks are more likely to occur. Get that leak gone with an AC System Leak Evaluation.


Green fluid leaking from your car is most likely an antifreeze leak. Antifreeze generally leaks from your vehicles water pump, hoses or radiator when fittings, hoses, clamps or other components have worn out or are not properly attached. If you don’t use the right antifreeze, leaks are more likely to occur. Check your owner’s manual for the right antifreeze for you. An AC System Leak Evaluation should give you the answers you need to get rid of that pesky leak.


That blue fluid leaking from your vehicle is probably windshield wiper fluid. Over time and through usage, the fluid reservoir and tubing that carries the windshield wiper fluid through your wiper blades can degrade. This degradation can result in leaks. We recommend having your windshield wiper components evaluated.


If your vehicle is leaking a clear fluid you are probably in great shape! Usually that clear fluid is just condensation from your air conditioning system. If you are concerned about the state of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, we offer a Free A/C Check.

Dark Brown

Dark brown fluid leaking from your vehicle could be coming from several different area within your vehicle. As motor oil ages, it becomes dark brown and eventually, thick and black. Brake fluid has a darker brown appearance. In either case, a fluid leak evaluation should help you diagnose the issue and get on your way – leak free!

Light Brown

Light brown fluid leaking from your vehicle is generally either newer motor oil or gear lubricant. Gear lubricant tends to have a bad smell associated with it. Motor oil really only produces an odor if it is burning. If you believe you are leaking engine oil or gear oil, we recommend scheduling a fluid leak evaluation as soon as possible.


Pink fluid leaking from your car is likely either power steering fluid or transmission fluid. These leakages are generally caused by a worn seal or a hole in the return line. A Transmission System Evaluationshould give you the information you need to fix the faulty components.

Regardless of color, no leak should be ignored. Luckily, our ASE-certified technicians can help you handle any leak and keep your car moving forward. Head to your local Pep Boys today or schedule a service appointment online.