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Safety Recommendations

Scooters, ATVs, dirt bikes and other similar transportation items are popular for off-road family fun. Ensure you use your power sports products safely and responsibly.

Recognizing its obligations, Pep Boys has expended significant resources to ensure that it is in compliance with all applicable laws pertaining to the sale of these products and, to the extent it can reasonably do so, notify customers of their obligations and responsibilities once they have acquired any of these products.

Pep Boys encourages the safe and appropriate use of personal transportation items, which varies by state and local ordinance. As a routine practice, Pep Boys makes its best effort to inform and educate customers about the products it sells. In fact, Pep Boys' in-store signing clearly states that: 'Scooters are designed for recreational use. Your state or municipality may prohibit their use on public roadways, sidewalks or other spaces. Please check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to learn about applicable laws and regulations.

Nevertheless, Pep Boys is not in a position to either educate customers about all local laws and regulations regarding their use of these products or to ensure that its customers in fact conform to all legal and safety standards. While the Company makes every effort to be an active participant, we believe that consumers are ultimately responsible for operating all scooters, ATVs, dirt bikes and other transportation products legally and responsibly.

National Highway Safety Administration

While the National Highway Safety Administration has not yet issued guidance on the safe and proper operation of off-road and street-legal personal transportation items, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers these important safety recommendations for off-road riders:

  • Wear a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.
  • Children under age 8 should not use non-powered scooters without close adult supervision. Children under 12 should not ride motorized scooters.
  • Ride only on appropriate safe surfaces.
  • Don't ride in traffic.
  • Don't ride at night - riders can't see where they're going or be seen by others.
  • Wear sturdy shoes and clothing.
  • Riders should check with local authorities for local laws.