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Dodge Dakota Tires

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Tires For Dodge Dakota

The Dodge Dakota, is a Mid-size pickup manufactured by Chrysler from 1986 until 2011. With the option of having a V8 engine, the Dodge Dakota was a great choice note only for the general public, but also for police and fire departments. The Dakota’s versatility also made it useable as an off-road vehicle or even a brush truck. Over its lifecycle, the Dodge Dakota was available in two and four-door models as well as manual and automatic transmissions and even enjoyed a short time as a convertible in the early 1990s with the Dodge Dakota Sports Convertible model.

Keeping your workhorse of a Dodge Dakota on the road and in good shape should be a priority if you want your truck to last. Part of your regular maintenance on your truck should always include checking your tires. Having old or worn out tires on your Dakota not only puts excess wear on your car but could also potentially be dangerous. At Pep Boys, we have a variety of tires available for your Dodge Dakota, whether you’re cruising down the highway, or off-roading up a mountain- we’ve got you covered. Enter in your Dakota year and model above, and we’ll show you the tires we currently have available.