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Tires for Chevrolet Monte Carlo

This mid-size ride was first in production from 1970-88, where its unusually long hood and Cadillac-esque design classified the Monte Carlo as a personal luxury car. Titled after the famed casino and tourist area of Monaco, early generations were sleek and sporty, with a wide grille and the option for velour interior. Such a stylish design makes the Monte Carlo perfect for a vacation, weekend getaway or leisurely joy ride!

Whether you occasionally drive an older generation or regularly use a model produced during the '95-'07 revival, upkeep is key in maintaining your vehicle. Keep an eye on your tire tread, in addition to regular checks on your oil and timing belt. Pep Boys has the service offerings and expertise required to preserve your car?s integrity. With a new set of tires, we?ll ensure your Monte Carlo runs smoothly for years to come.