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As the #1 brand when it comes to vehicle system restoration and repair, Bar's Leaks is committed to both the health of your car as well as the science behind its products. Based in Michigan, Bar's Leaks also specializes in improving system performance and extending the life of high-mileage vehicles by ensuring system integrity, lubricating critical engine components, improving mechanical function and more. Read more +

Bar's Leaks gets you back on the road. When a leak occurs within your critical engine components, don't replace - repair. Bar's Leaks head gasket repair technology was the industry's first premium solution used to chemically repair blown head gaskets. Today, Bar's Leaks is the gold standard in advanced chemical head gasket repair solutions.

If you can open a hood and open a bottle, Bar's Leaks is within your "repair range" - you don't have to be an expert. Our products have been making "three minute mechanics" out of people for over 65 years, for all types of vehicles, all types of leaks. Bar's Leaks engineers specially-formulated products that seal the problem from within, so you can get back to your life.

Bar's Leaks - The fastest, safest way to get the show back on the road. Guaranteed.

Bar's Leaks has deep history of helpinggeneration after generation take care of theircars themselves. That's the kind of knowledgeyou want to pass on. Explore our wide variety oftrusted Bar's Leaks solutions at Pep Boys.

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Bar's Leaks
Radiator Stop Leak

  • Stop minor leaks before they become major withBar's Leaks Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate's specially designed formula
  • Seals leaks in radiators, gaskets, heater cores andfreeze plugs and works with all types and colors ofantifreeze coolant and/or water
  • Ideal for those common small leaks in your car's scooling system

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Bar's Leaks
Head Gasket Fix

  • The easiest solution to stopping head gasket coolant leaks,Head Gasket Fix is your last stop before expensive repairs
  • Works using the extreme heat inside the combustionchamber to permanently harden the material,making it stronger than the head gasket itself
  • ''Pop and pour'' formula is engineered for easy installation,no matter your mechanical expertise