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Performance Exhaust

Aftermarket Performance Exhaust and Components

Factory exhausts are well known bottlenecks that rob horsepower from your vehicle's engine. Not only do aftermarket exhausts increase horsepower, they're tuned to produce a pleasing and aggressive sounding exhaust note as you accelerate. Attractive looking cars turn heads, but the right exhaust note has the power to snap necks as you drive past. Pedestrians and other drivers will start looking for you the second they hear you coming, even if you're 10 blocks away.

If you're ready for an exhaust that announces your presence, shop headers, mufflers, cat-back systems, and DIY components like flanges and gaskets from Pep Boys. Our techs and parts professionals are car enthusiasts themselves, and they're always here for you when you need direction or advice about the plans you're cooking up to give your vehicle that muscle car rumble or tuner buzz from a perfohrmance exhaust.