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Air Intake Exhaust Services

The air intake and exhaust systems in your vehicle are vital to both performance and safety. An air intake system is responsible for generating the proper amount of air from the air filter box to the engine where it mixes with fuel to power the engine. The exhaust system is comprised of pipes that help guide harmful exhaust gas out of the engine and away from the vehicle. If either of these systems are comprised, it could lead to severe engine damage or unsafe driving conditions. Let the factory trained technicians at Pep Boys run a thorough check of these critical engine systems.


  • Quality service by a Pep Boys technician
  • Cleaning or replacement of air intake hose
  • Cleaning or replacement of exhaust system component
  • If a performance engine system package is purchased to replace factory parts, our technicians will give you a new product demonstration after installation.
  • Courtesy Vehicle Inspection Pep Boys Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

As low as $179.99