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In the car world, it's all about the journey. Whether you’re replacing an old set of rims or looking to personalize your vehicle with custom wheels, we’re here to help you make this journey as short and sweet as possible.

Does it feel like your car's exterior is missing something? Perhaps some personal edge is in need. The best way to personalize your ride for all to see is through your wheels. Plus, it keeps your car looking new and improved.

What size are my wheels?
Every wheel should have its designated size on the tire. Also, Pep Boys features a wheels-by-vehicle option that allows you to enter in your car's information so that we can pinpoint the exact size wheels you need.

The two most common types of wheels are aluminum alloy and steel.
Aluminum Rims

Aluminum alloy is the standard wheel type on most cars because they offer the most variety of styles, finishes and sizes. These wheels are lightweight, offer superior performance and have a high heat conduction capacity.
Steel rims

Steel wheels have high resistance to bends and dents, making them almost impossible to crack. Steel is much heavier than aluminum, which is beneficial for driving in the winter due to the extra weight causing an artificially low center of gravity for an improved sense of solidity.

The cosmetic finish on your wheel not only makes a big difference to how they look, but also on how you will need to take care of your wheels to keep them looking good as new. Whether the rims you're looking at are painted, polished, machined, hyper-silver or chrome, it is best to be armed with the knowledge of what these finishes really are and how to go about caring for them before you buy.

All you need to do now is shop for wheels by your vehicle's make, which is made easy by our wheel visualizer shown below. Once all of your vehicle information is in the search, a product visualizer will show up with a series of wheels portrayed on your car's model. Now, all you have to do is click through and see which wheels match both your car and your taste.

Wheels Visualizer

When it comes to installation, you have three options. First you can schedule an installation and have your wheels shipped to your local Pep Boys so that everything is ready for installation day. However, if you're a DIYer, you can pick up your wheels in the store and take them home, or you can have your new wheels shipped directely to your house. We highly recommend option number one to avoid any unfortunate mishaps or potential wheel installation frustrations.
How do I install my wheels

Considering all of the options above, sometimes it's best to buy tires and wheels together so that you can ensure they're a perfect match with respect to size and aesthetic. Also, this way you can better match your tires to your brand new wheels.