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Depending on your needs, tires can quickly become a costly purchase. Mileage warranties, type, size, brand, and many other factors play into determining price. You might be tempted to buy used tires rather than a set of new ones to save money. Doing so, however, isn't usually in your best interest, for both economical and safety reasons


Here are some reasons to consider buying new tires rather than used:

  • New tires arrive directly from the manufacture. There is no telling who previously owned a set of used tires and how they were treated. Preowned tires could have been driven under improper inflations, overloaded, used at excessively high speeds, and more.
  • Rubber compounds used to construct tires degrades over time, regardless of use. There is no universal age for how old tires can be and still be considered safe to use, but most manufacturers recommend changing them between 5-10 years, no matter their mileage. Sunlight, air temperature, humidity, and other conditions factor into tire rubber deterioration, and there is no telling how much and often used tires were subjected to them.
  • New tires are registered to the owner for recall notifications. With used tires, there is a chance you might not know if they have been recalled in the past or will be in the future.

When it's time to buy new tires, Pep Boys advises you to purchase all four at the same time. We know, though, it isn't always feasible. Rather than buying used tires to save money, instead use these guidelines and/or speak with a Pep Boys certified technician to see if buying new tires two at a time is beneficial to your situation.