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Work, recreation, routine maintenance - trailers are used for multiple purposes. For most of the country, however, trailer use is seasonal. During the winter months, trailers often sit unused until warmer weather returns. Which begs the question, do trailer tires go bad during the winter?

Regardless of season, the main causes of tire deterioration are exposure to the elements, ultraviolet rays and ozone pollution. But there are preventative measures trailer owners can take to help ensure they get the most possible life out of their tires. The following are a few winter storage tips to help extend the life of your trailer tires.
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1. Storage Area

When possible, store the trailer in a cool, dark garage with tires at maximum inflation. If storing the trailer indoors is not an option, keep the tires on solid ground such as asphalt. For grass surfaces, park the trailer wheels on pavers.

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2. Wash & Wax

Clean the trailer rims and tires prior to storage. Try to remove all dirt and foreign substances. Doing this will prevent any potential unwanted wear and tear or rusting to your trailer tires.

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3. Valve Stems

Pay particular attention to the valve stems. Stems should be free of dirt and capped. This will ensure your trailer tires stay filled and there won't be an issue with leaking tire pressure.

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4. Storage Covers

Use storage covers or even dark trash bags to keep sunlight off the tires. This will keep your trailer tires in more pristine condition and free from potential sun damage.

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5. Jacks

If possible, use jacks under the trailer frame to lift the tires slightly off the ground. That way they experience less wear and tear from sitting in storage.

"Taking the above preventative measures in the winter will help your trailer tires live a longer life. If you think it is time to get new trailer tires, visit our Specialty, ATV, and Motorcycle Tires page to buy your next set of trailer tires."