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8 Essentials for your Winter Car Care Checklist from Pep Boys

Winter is just around the corner! Don't let the cold weather sneak up on you and your car.

Here are a few essential steps every driver should take to make it safely through the cold winter months:
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Tire pressure is crucial to maintaining strong handling of your vehicle, which is even more important during winter driving conditions. Avoid sliding on icy roads by frequently checking your tire pressure.Check your owner's manual to determine the recommended PSI, or be sure your TPMS sensors are working with our TPMS Check-up Service.

Have your battery checked before the cold hits. As temperatures drop, your battery has to work harder due to increased usage of your heater, defrosters and wiper blades. Battery failure is the leading cause of automotive breakdowns, so do everything you can to keep it healthy and running. If you are in need of a new battery, make an appointment for a professional battery installation.

Replace your wiper blades if you haven't done so recently. It's suggested that you change them at least once a year, and having a new set of wiper blades will greatly benefit you when dealing with snow and ice. You can get your wiper blades replaced for free at your local Pep Boys.

Impaired visibility due to icy windshields is one of the most dangerous side effects of winter driving. Consider buying winter-specific wiper fluid. The formulas for these fluids are specifically designed to avoid freezing on the windshield.

Get your tune-up done before the winter weather sets in. Everything from your transmission to your battery and from your brakes to your exhaust should be checked to make sure your vehicle is in top condition to battle the snow storms ahead. Make an appointment today and take advantage of some of our free services!

Keeping your car warm can do a lot for its health. If possible, shelter your car in a garage or invest in a car cover. This will help prevent the freezing of fluids like oil, gasoline and coolants, and will help protect your battery and starter. Not only does Pep Boys offer car covers, but covers for boats, motorcyles and RVs as well.

Any car care expert will tell you to always maintain your coolant or antifreeze levels. This should come up in your routine car check, but make sure you keep an eye on these fluids going into the winter months. Keeping extra antifreeze or coolant in your car is a great way to prepare for an emergency.

Always be prepared for an emergency, no matter what time of the year it is. Make sure you have an emergency kit containing a flashlight, blanket, phone battery, radio, ice scraper, first-aid kit and jumper cables. If you're lacking in any of the former listed, get to your local Pep Boys to gather up the remaining items.