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As time goes on your car's engine, transmission, power steering, braking and cooling systems all need a little checking up on. Harmful deposits, contamination and moisture build up in vital fluids causing them to break down. This eventually leads to wear and even safety issues. A simple and inexpensive flush can help keep all these systems in optimal condition and prevent a major automotive malfunction. Preventative maintenance helps you to protect your investment. Below are the common auto system flushes we recommend to keep your car in tip top shape.

Coolant/Radiator Flush

'Coolant/Radiator Flush'

A coolant flush is considered routine maintenance for your cooling system, and will help ensure optimum performance from your car's heating and cooling system. A coolant flush will help to prevent engine overheating, which is the most common cause of breakdowns and internal engine damage. Flushing your heating and cooling system pushes several gallons of antifreeze through the system, which in turn pushes out all the old antifreeze (coolant) and most of the contaminants that have built up such as rust and scale deposits.

The additives in the new coolant lubricates the water pump, which will lengthen its life. Adding new antifreeze (coolant) prevents rust build-up and foaming in the system which will help the radiator operate efficiently. This fairly inexpensive procedure should be performed as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer.

To learn more about coolant, check out our coolant flush & fill article. Think you're in need of service? Make an appointment at your local Pep Boys and have one of our trusted experts take a look!

Transmission Flush

'Transmission Flush'

A professional grade machine is used to completely flush all the transmission fluid from your vehicle while pushing out any grime or sludge that is harmful to your car. A special solution is then run through the transmission lines until it comes out clean. Once the solution process is complete, the system is filled with new fluid. Contaminated or dirty transmission fluid can cause a laundry list of automotive issues. A thorough transmission flush can prevent:

  • Any recent service or part replacement that involves disconnecting cooler lines like a radiator replacement or a transmission flush
  • Premature wear of the clutches, gears and pump
  • Slipping and delayed engagement
  • Overheating
  • Leaks

Pep Boys recommends a transmission flush at regular intervals. We use only fluids recommended by the OEM for the respective application.

Fuel System Flush

'Fuel System Flush'

A fuel system flush or “cleaning” may be crucial to remove vanish and deposit build-up in your fuel injectors, which may reduce the proper flow of fuel to your engine. A fuel injector is a critical component in making your vehicle go! The injector takes the fuel from the fuel pump and breaks it into incredibly small droplets that easily mix with air to allow more complete internal combustion in the engine. Maintaining a clean fuel injectors can maximize the performance of your vehicle and lead to improved acceleration and a reduction of harmful emissions. If dirt is present it can prevent the injector from closing, causing fuel leakage and a drop in fuel economy and engine power. The following are clear signs your fuel injector needs a professional cleaning:

  • Engine is sputtering or sluggish
  • Rough Idle
  • Poor Acceleration
  • Engine Hesitation
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Hot start problems

As always refer to your owner's manual for recommended cleaning times.

Brake Fluid Flush

'Brake Fluid Flush'

Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, making it easier to boil and cause rust and corrosion in expensive brake system components. Moisture combined with normal deterioration of rubber seals and metal plating means that brake fluid should be exchanged every few years and more in wet climates.

Brake flushing involves removing all the brake fluid from the system and replacing it with all-new, clean fluid. Flush your brake fluid in accordance with the specifications defined by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

'Power Steering Fluid Flush'

Power-steering fluid transmits the power in your vehicle's power steering system. Maintaining clean power steering fluid can help prolong the life of other power steering components including the power-steering pump and the power-steering rack. Over time the internal power-steering components, such as O-rings and seals, wear out and break apart due to prolonged exposure to fluctuations in temperature, friction and electrochemical degradation resulting in potentially degraded and contaminated power-steering fluid.

Servicing requires draining or flushing out your old power steering fluid adding fresh power-steering fluid. The experts at Pep Boys recommend performing a complete power steering fluid flush in accordance with your vehicle's owner manual specifications.

No matter what type of fluid flushing your vehicle needs, Pep Boys is here to help. Whether you need new fluid to DIY or simply want an ASE-certified technician to do it for you, there's no job we can't handle. Drop by your local store today or schedule a service appointment online.