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Towing Do’s

  • Confirm the towing capacity of towing vehicle by referencing your vehicle manufacturer’s owners manual.
  • Perform a thorough safety inspection prior to towing.
  • Verify that all trailer components are intact and properly secured.
  • Install a trailer hitch that is designed for your vehicle.
  • Familiarize yourself with the maximum loaded weight, tongue weight, and your towing vehicle’s tow rating and stay within those recommended specifications.
  • Validate that your trailer lights are engaging and illuminating properly.
  • Use working brake, turn signal and tail lights that properly synch up with your towing vehicle.
  • Load the heaviest items first, tie them down and distribute the weight.
  • Use towing mirrors where necessary.
  • Ensure that your trailer tires are the same type, size and construction and that they match the load range, size and type specified in your trailer owner’s manual.
  • When loading your trailer, balance each side of the trailer while evenly distributing cargo weight along the length of the trailer.
  • When you back up, the trailer will go in the opposite direction of the vehicle you are driving. If you want your trailer to go right, turn your wheel towards the left.
  • Avoid sharp turns - sharp turns can cause damage to your towing components, towing vehicle, trailer and can even compromise the safety of you and your passengers.

Towing Don’ts

  • Tow too much weight.
  • Unevenly distribute the weight of your load or unevenly pack your trailer.
  • Not use side-view towing mirrors. We recommend using extended side-view mirrors.
  • Create a high center of gravity in your trailer.
  • Attempt to tow a load with tires that are not properly inflated. This will cause trailer sway which is dangerous for you, your passengers and other drivers on the road.
  • Not check your lug nuts. It is best to make sure they are secure during your initial safety check.
  • Hit the road with out practicing towing your trailer.
  • Not check your tire pressure as you go.
  • Brake heavily when driving.
  • Tailgate or speed.
  • Forget to pack a jack that can lift the weight of your trailer.
  • Improperly install the necessary wiring required to indicate and tow safely.
  • Exceed your recommended towing capacity which is based on the weight of your towing vehicle.

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