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Scheduled Maintenance

Preserve the Life of Your Vehicle

Remembering to keep up with your car's scheduled maintenance can be difficult, especially because every car is different. When should your oil, coolant, spark plugs or air filters be changed? When should you have your timing belt, brakes and transmission serviced? What is included in a tune-up? All of this is very important when it comes to getting the longest life possible in your vehicle.

Luckily, every vehicle comes with a recommended maintenance schedule from the manufacturer. There are many complex systems in today's modern cars, and following the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule will help keep your car or truck on the road for many years to come.

When you have your vehicle serviced at Pep Boys, we'll inform you on any maintenance that needs to be done or that will be coming up soon. Keeping your vehicle up-to-date on all maintenance is crucial for:
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Engine & transmission life

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fuel economy

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optimal handling, steering & braking characteristics

reduced unexpected costs associated with breakdowns

Make sure your ride is ready for the road.