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Three Muffler Warning Signs

A muffler does much more than reduce the amount of noise your internal combustion engine emits. It plays a major role in your exhaust system. So it's as important to keep up on regular maintenance for your muffler just like you do for the rest of your car. Waiting too long to get your muffler serviced could easily turn a minor problem into a much larger – and more expensive – one. But if your muffler is starting to have some issues, we're here to help. We've compiled some of the most common and important warning signs that tell you it's time to make an appointment.

1. Loud Noises

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The most obvious sign is a drastic increase in the volume of your car's exhaust noise. When the muffler is working properly, your car should operate relatively quietly. If something is wrong, it can turn into a roar. If you're cranking up the volume on your radio to drown out your car's sound, it's time to have a qualified mechanic check out your exhaust system.

2. Reduced Gas Mileage

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A well-tuned exhaust system usually means better fuel economy. If you notice that you're filling up your tank more often but your driving habits haven't changed, or if the fuel economy tracker on your dash registers a dip, this could signal a muffler problem.

3. Bad Odor

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This is a sign to have your car checked out ASAP. If you smell exhaust fumes inside your car's cabin, it could mean there's a leak in your exhaust system. When properly functioning, your muffler funnels these fumes outside and away from your car; if they're going inside the car, they can be fatal over time. Make sure you stop in to your local Pep Boys as soon as possible.

When it comes to your muffler, don't overlook any possible issues. Waiting around can drastically increase your repair bill. Keep an eye out for the above warning signs and give your local Pep Boys a call if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

To learn more about other maintenance warning signs, visit us at Car Care Corner.